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“She is powerful because she wasn’t afraid to awaken the beast, and face it.”

By Jessenia Nozzolillo

I got a message today from my ancestors. They thanked me for the generational curses I had broken and the courage I had to face the difficulties I did. Then, in meditation I was surrounded by all of the versions of me that have incarnated here on this Earth. They showed up around me and gave me thanks and admiration. I looked at them with admiration and confusion.

They said “Jessenia, you are the merger of all our abilities. You are the one that carries our wisdom, and because of that you are the most powerful one of us all.”

And I (in normal Jessenia fashion), argued with them. “We are all powerful and necessary. We have all done tremendous things.”

Then they repeated “No, our gifts have never been this powerful.”

So I asked “Why? What changed? We are all the same, of the same substance. We all had the same capacity and potential.”

They responded “You were not afraid to awaken the beast. You were not afraid to feel deeply. You were not afraid of pain. We only dipped our toe into this Earthly experience and were still overwhelmed by the pain we endured. We mastered but only a fraction of our gifts. We carried our pain with us past the grave. And you came in with the bravery to help us find healing, and then merged our knowledge and gifts into this experience. You dove deep, deeper than any of us would have and had. You vowed to feel all of our pain by planning moments in your life to cross the same trauma, and in feeling the pain you aligned with the deepest emotion we carried from our wounded pasts, triggering them to the surface to delicately nurture and release them for us all. And you did this before the gift even surfaced! You wove our pain into your life plan, ENSURING you would trigger the bond that lingered in our suffering so that you may save us all, facing the beast that is our pain helping us clear that once and for all. In that release you got to know us, set us free, and absorb the knowledge we had gained. In that bravery, you’ve healed us. Strength does not come from delicate experiences in relaxation. Strength comes from diving deep, awakening that beast, and then taming it by healing it by facing it. When the rest of us ran away, you ran into the depths of darkest parts of our soul to make sure nothing would hold us back anymore. Then, you acknowledged our hard work by learning and using the skills we did master, elevating us. Teaching us of our worth.

You faced the beast, and you are stronger because of it. We are all freed, and your gifts have never been more powerful. In having the bravery and compassion to feel the absolute depths of the lowest lows and heal them, you have awakened in you heightened sensitivity to receive the natural polarity of that existence, the highest highs. The intense energetic sensitivity you carry — a true gift. This gift will continue to help many and this process will keep awakening the deep power within humanity. Many of us have tried this. Many of us were overwhelmed. We are the ones that are thankful for you. We understand how hard this was.“

This was one of the most beautiful messages I received from Spirit.

I realized how many people are out there living difficult lives full of trauma who don’t realize their own bravery, how loudly Spirit cheers for you and how deeply thankful they are for your service. We are the change. We are the future. The work we do here is profound. They are cheering you on, they acknowledge your bravery. You are the key to their freedom, liberation, and healing. You are the hero they have all been waiting for.

Happy Leo new moon.

Copyright Protected Jessenia Nozzolillo 2022

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