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Shadow Work

Judgment and emotions at play. Our emotional body is a map to places and wounds that need healing in this life or past lives. Although we don’t always FEEL the past lives we FEEL the emotions. Most of us don’t understand these emotions or their origins and we use them inappropriately through judgment, criticism, hatred... we allow ourself to be manipulated by the emotions and misdirected. Conductors of trauma unaware of their origins.

Healing means doing exactly what this post says. Understanding the emotional reaction to others is not meant to separate, but guide you into healing. This is the holy grail. The road map to healing. The way out Of the cycle.


I hate how they HAD to have control over me. How they abused me. How they mistreated me. —> I hate that I allowed myself to believe I was weak. I hate that I confirmed to the limitations they pushed on me. I hate that I tried to please them because I was carrying so much pain from my childhood that I would degrade myself for any attention or affection. I hate that I was unable to see the power and value in myself enough to walk away sooner.

PASSIONATELY hating something means you have personal experience with it. That is your shadow work. Healing from that trauma that is triggering an emotional repose in this life whether it originated in this life or past life. You aren’t suppose to find “peace” with the abuser. Just find peace with the overwhelming anger inside, by forgiving yourself.

#photocredit @thelucidphoenix

#photocredit @thelucidphoenix

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