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Self Love vs EGO

By Jessenia Nozzolillo


I take advantage of others and expect a sacrifice from them because I’m “worth it.” VS I disconnect from people who take advantage of me and my kindness for my own health. I understand energy should be equally reciprocated.

I am more powerful than you. VS I am powerful.

I am more important than someone else. VS I am important.

My opinion is more valuable than anyone else’s. VS My opinion is important.

Compared to others, I am successful. VS I am proud of my success and how far I’ve come.

We can be proud of ourselves and what we’ve accomplished. We can be proud of our gifts and accuracy. We can be in love with our bodies and self. What we should never do is base those emotions on the success or failure of others. We are our only competition. It is not me VS you. It’s us.

Ego will have you comparing yourselves to others and even trying to rip them apart to make yourself feel better. It is me VS you mentality that presents itself in separation and comparison through the physical form. We work through our ego in living through our many lives in successes and failures.

The more lives we live, the more we release the ego and embrace love because we understand we’re all on the same journey, and your success is my success. The more we live, the more relatable we become, no longer seeing “me VS you” but simply experiences of life played out in a series of events made for our best evolution. Love isn’t contingent on another’s failures or successes and requires no such thought process. We can simply be proud.

copyright protected Jessenia Nozzolillo 2021

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