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Reading others without consent. What to expect.

When you ask someone to read someone else for you, through you, they are reading your interpretation of them. The way you see them and your relationship.

This is especially true for people who understand energy and are protected. For example, no one reads me without my permission. They have tried, but they get nothing. Even with permission, I’m a challenging read because I’m so guarded and protected. Anyone who tries to read me is going to see a reflection of themselves or my external presentation—for example, aura. My aura is my external energetic shell. That’s like looking at someone’s face and making judgments. It’s out there for everyone to see.

So if someone was reading a friend of mine, they might see me through the friend. But they would see the version of me that friend has. They would see me as my friend sees, remembers, and thinks of me. That memory belongs to the friend, and the friend must take full accountability for the energy they keep and the way they perceived me.

On the other hand, most people have horrible energetic barriers and boundaries. They let anyone and everyone read them because they don’t understand the full repercussions. It’s still not appropriate to intrude on their energy without their permission. Everyone deserves the same energetic respect.

This is why I don’t read people through others. I don’t read people who aren’t present. I can assist in personal relationships, such as married couples and parent-child relationships BECAUSE they live together and legally have the right to give permission to gauge the situation between their spouse, partners, and children. If, for some reason, someone has “ill intentions,” I refuse the records. Simple as that. The only “information” the people get are the records they share, past life records, and themes— in regulars to relationships. I’m regulars to parenting; parents are shown the information that will help them become the best parent and support system for that child.

You can’t be a master of your gifts and read people without permission. Remember that. Consent is essential, even in spirit.

Copyright protected Jessenia Nozzolillo 2021

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