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Psychic Gifts

By Jessenia Nozzolillo

What are psychic gifts? Psychic abilities are stored in the third eye. That means they are limited by third eye blocks, thoughts, and trauma. But also that they are amplified by third eye crystals, oils, and positive habits.

Our mind is a direct reflection of our experiences here in this life. If we are scared, traumatize, or have stubborn belief systems, we leave little space for new things and experiences. Or growth!

Contrary to popular belief, psychic gifts are a lot more than just seeing the past, present, and future. There are a collection of gifts here that work together to amplify someone’s ability to peer into energy deeper than the physical eye permits. Here are other psychic gifts located in the third eye.

Dreamwalker- This is the ability to enter other's dreams and interact with them. You aren’t creating the dream, just visiting. With this ability, we also have dream premonitions. Some people start interfering with this gift using lucid dreaming, and that is absolutely not recommended. Your soul will never take you anywhere you should not be. Interfering is like letting a three-year-old drive a car. It can be very dangerous. You can steer yourself into dimensions and places that you should not be visiting, and this can let in demonic entities and leaks. You can also hurt the dreamers you’re visiting by trying to alter and manipulate their dream. Because of this, this gift is highly guarded. If you are causing issues and intentionally manipulating the gifts, then they will be muted and taken from you for a lifetime.

Remote Viewing- The ability to see other people’s memories or see through their eyes into their world. Abusing this gift by spying on people without their consent can be seen as a negative karmic debt, which means you will oh karma for disrespecting someone’s privacy. It’s not “illegal,” just frowned upon, And not without consequence.

Hell Maven- The psychic ability to see demonic entities. Demonic entities look like tar creatures. They are the absence of light. Void of any light and do not expel energy; they siphon it. Demonic entities are from the other side of the barrier in a place we call the “equal and opposite” or, more popularly called, “Hell.”They are soul groups that have either descended to the negative polarity of our universal structure through consistent negative and destructive decisions lifetime after lifetime. When we descend, we are functioning in destruction and chaos. Destruction can look like lifetimes of abusive, substance abuse, poor eating, violence, murder, habitual negative behavior that harms self or others. This is not a one-lifetime decision. It can take thousands of realities to descend through the barrier into the equal and opposite. It is not a punishment. They resonate with their home because of their choices and actions. Some demonic soul groups are born on the other side of the barrier and can choose to ascend through acts of compassion. Some demonic entities like to take advantage of Earth's energy. They do this to feed. Earth has a lot to destroy. Lots of food for the chaos seekers. You see entities so that you can remove them and send them back home. Chaos/destruction cannot live in the same place as compassion/merger. Balance is needed to create infinite energy, and in combination, all that is would be destroyed and consumed by the Equal and opposite. If you're having a hard time seeing, it’s because you are scared. In any case, I recommend everyone make the demon jars on my website under blogs. It will help you protect your space and safely remove demonic entities in a foolproof system. Demonic entities are hard to fight off. I recommend people focus on gifts first when your gifts are fully amplified, then fighting off demonic entities feels easier. It also means less soul level damage. Until then, I recommend everyone make some protective jars in their space to keep them away.

Shadow Eye- Psychic vision of hauntings, being stuck here on Earth that refuses to cross over. You would have to council these beings for them to willingly cross back over to their home dimension like soul therapy. This is where other gifts come in handy. How will you communicate with them? This gift is separate from seeing demonic entities. Hauntings look like shadows moving out of the peripheral vision at first. Anyone can see a full apparition with the naked eye regardless of their gifts. A full apparition is an entity that has collected so much energy; it becomes visible to the human visual spectrum. That is rare. First, you see shadows, then bodies, then full detailed beings with practice—those who see Hauntings act like a beacon to hauntings. Your aura shows them where to go for help crossing over. It looks like an orange beam of light from your crown they can see and are drawn to like moths to alight. Hauntings (whether or not they’re kind or destructive) remain stuck here by siphoning energy from the people around them. A properly incarnated soul siphons energy from its physical body (food and healthy habits) and source (crown and healing connection to its soul group). A haunting has been disconnected from its physical through death of the body and soul group because (by choice) refusing to go home. They refuse to go home because they have unfinished business, guilt, remorse, shame, fear, or confusion. We can only help them work through that by Counseling them. We cannot force hauntings to cross over. They have to cross over willingly. Your specific gift structure will decide how you communicate. Some people are more visual, some more about feeling, and some more auditory. Be true to your gifts. Never let an entity take over your vessel for communication. Always ask your higher self to be the bridge between you and any entity. An invitation to “speak through you” is an invitation for possession.

Visionary- gift being able to see through someone’s past, present, and future. These visions often come first in our sleep state until we can make them strong enough to pass into our waking state. This is where we evolve the gift through intention, use, and practice.

Auric Eye-Psychic vision of the energetic body/auric field and auras. This allows you to see blocks, tears, traumas memories of others. They may come through as colored spots and energy at first. Flashes of light or shadow. That is the beginning of this gift. This also allows you to see someone’s auric field. The stronger colors are associated with the chakras connected to them. Weaker colors show blockages drainage or weak chakras. As the gifts strengthen, you will be able to see their memories, emotions, and pains. The stronger this gift gets, the more psychic it becomes, being able to see through someone’s body, eyes, and energy or what some call “remote viewing.”

Other gifts do similar things! For example, the extrasensory gift structure might allow you to vibe out someone’s energetic body or a lost soul using the clairs the gift is composed of. Or a witch might conjure enough energy to amplify a haunting surfacing it for communication. That’s why knowing you’re specific gift structure and how it works is so important! Our souls origins, spirit guides and experiences can shift, amplify or add to our gift structure. So knowing this information is a very helpful tool when understanding what you are fully capable of here in this incarnation.

For more information on how to learn about your own gifts, check out the Akashic Reports page!

copyright protected Jessenia Nozzolillo 2021

art by: Chelsea Smith

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