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Power, HAWT

By Jessenia Nozzolillo

I have always been attracted to power. Not fame. Not celebrities. Not control. Not violence. But power — someone tapped into their worth, willing to challenge themselves, stand in their truth, be authentic, face fear with courage, question societal “norms,” and bravely challenge authority. POWER.

It wasn’t until recently that I was getting a notification on an astrology app that I realized not everyone was attracted to power. Apparently my astrology seeks powerful people. I don’t compare myself to them, I am instead empowered by their authenticity and unique expression, seeing the value in us all. This made me realize “oh, weird, not everyone feels this way? How could you not love power!?”

Well, as all my stories go, Spirit chimed in. “Most humans feel inferior around power. They compare themselves and feel uncomfortable with people in their power. But it can also take on negative forms when we force that power onto others or use that power to manipulate others. So most people see the word 'power' as negative, unfeminine or damaging in nature.”

That shocked me, but as they explained this, multiple incidents in my own life surfaced where people were triggered by my work, connection, gifts, clarity and authority in my work. One person said “How arrogant of you to be so sure of yourself.” I know they meant it as an insult. But, why wouldn’t I be sure of the story I pulled up in session with a client and their evidential confirmation? Was I supposed to pretend I was unsure for their comfort? I was told by someone to “humble myself.” And I truly wasn’t sure what that meant because I am so appreciative of the work and clients. Anyone who knows me in person knows exactly who I am and there isn’t a selfish bone about me. So I didn’t really know how one would humble themselves because I felt very aware of the power of the connection and the depths of the consequences.

Oxford Languages defines humble as “lower (someone) in dignity or importance.” “Having or showing a modest or low estimate of one's own importance.” Do I believe that it makes me a better or more connected person to reduce, degrade or “humble” myself for the comfort of others? No. No not really. I believe I am instead here to help others elevate and finally step into their power, know their worth and find their true calling and connection to the Divine. That, to me, is the work we are missing. If we are doing the work, we are comfortable when people show up in their power. We don’t look for reasons to degrade, criticize or humiliate them to make ourselves feel comfortable in our pain.

Like the sun, be powerful. Radiate so intensely that it brings life to the lost shadows of our subconscious. But know, it's not your responsibility if they get burned. The sun does not stop giving life because people get too close and don’t know their limits. It's the individuals job to understand their threshold for recieving and step back if your power is too much for them making space for those who thrive in your light, adding to the experience.

Art: Herbie Martin's "Krakatoa" Copyright Protected 2022

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