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Past Lives and Fame

Why does everyone think they were famous in a past life?

Let’s get controversial. Let’s talk about some perspectives and get to the deep truths keeping in mind truth is always subjective. Meaning we will only ever be able to see truth based on our current reality. A 3 year olds truth is very different than a 90 year olds truth. The purpose of this post is only to shed light on some anomalies that occur during personal past life viewing and reading self or loved ones. You’re all allowed your own opinions. But remember, this page is where I share mine.

There are only a couple ways we access past lives here and now. We can access them using a regression therapist who is trained in hypnosis. Their skills and gift set vary but their main job is to get their client to a state where they are receptive to past life retrieval and then guide them the best they can, usually blind. Because they are “blind” they may lead the highly susceptible client into conclusions that are not fully accurate. Or, they may miss valuable information. It’s not that they are doing anything wrong. They are simply blind to the lives. They may get feelings. Some may even get quick images. But again their images are tied to their clients subconscious that may be swayed at the moment. If the client is seeing inaccuracies then so it the regression therapist, if they have that gift. Some don’t.

The same happens to those who are trying to use psychic vision or extrasensory abilities to access past lives. They are accessing memories that can be swayed or tainted with bias and pain. That’s how remote viewing works. A single person being regressed usually doesn’t have any experience outside of their own personal regression. This means that they have no unbiased comparison points. It’s like using your intuition for the first time with training wheels. So now take away the training wheels and you have option 2, self-guided meditation. Same issues but without help from a professional.

I have personally met many amazing PLR therapists. This isn’t to say anyone is lacking, only intended to bring light to certain issues that seem to be popular in the world or PLR.

Another thing to note. It is scientifically proven that humans “fill gaps” in their subconscious memory with faces they have seen in this lifetime. Weather this be people on the street, in passing, on TV. We are filling the gaps with people who fit the role. Maybe it’s a theme. A role. A gender. A personality match. We are taking a persons face and using it symbolically to help us finish a story outside of our current reality. So yes it’s important to note who it is, but only to access what they represent.

Another thing to consider, fame means living in the public eye. Being adored, admired or despised, critiqued by millions. Millions of people watching. Fame also means fan boys and girls. There are people who where so obsessed with celebrities in past lives that it may feel real to them. They are being pulled in with admiration. Not with reality. Their details and experience may be that of the public eye, not that of the internal reality. But their major admiration or obsession might sway their truth.

Now let’s add human bias. First time regressing. First past life journey. First experience. We as humans naturally place ourselves in a favorable position. We are not practiced, controlled and aware enough to take our personal desires out of the viewing. We get distracted with what we want to see and not who we are. For example, let’s say we are at a public event with 3,000 people, we may want to put ourselves in a place of power and stand on stage instead of in the nosebleeds where it is crowded. We are accessing these lives in 5th dimension as expansive souls that can sift energy. A person may confuse that with being the stage presence, even if they where actually in the audience. In the end, the lesson is usually a collective lesson including everyone in that event so it’s relevant and meaningful regardless. But who you where may be confusing.

Some psychics and extra sensory readers can see major life memories. But even then they are “seeing” through the persons personal memory structure and that may include masked faces, distorted symbolism, confusion. If that person they are reading is connected to them in any way they may interject their own biases with emotion and desire or judgment. Some people have a hard time regressing at all and feel pressured into coming up with a life to fill that gap. Because of this they may use their imagination of a well known, or famous event. Not common, but it happens.

How about our soul structure? Being in the public eye means TONS OF ENERGY being directed our way. Ever wonder why celebrities fall apart? It’s overwhelming. So overwhelming that not many soul structures can handle that responsibility. Even those that are built for it may suffer tremendously feeling over scrutinized, judged, ridiculed... bullying times 6 million. That is a lot of energetic focus. Because of this most, celebrities leak major trauma into their next lives. So yes, most of us would collapse under the pressure of being in the public eye. Although it is fun to dream about it.

When I access lives I travel back in time and meet people I’ve never seen in this life or subconsciously — because it’s my gift structure and part of my soul database. I am unbiased — because I know nothing about the person, only taking their birth information. Most of the time I don’t even know what they look like so I can’t even subconsciously assume anything based on their looks, ethnicity, personality or life. I tap into their souls records and view all their lives. But I’ve also accessed hundreds of thousands of lives this way so I know how to not interject, what to look for, where to travel and what I’m seeing. I have that database as my gift system and soul level job so I don’t need to change faces, fill in the blanks or try to make sense of symbolism.

At soul level- I am an Akashic guide. I work to plan lives, travel to collect soul group information. Store that information and protect it. I also store soul records with all their lives (past present AND FUTURE) memories in them. That’s why I see it and can access it here in the now. It is a part of my subconscious database. I then use the records to help people heal and be the best version of themselves possible in this life.

Even with my gifts, I refuse to use names during past life readings. The reason is because if we did have a powerful past life, obsessing over the name may create and energy vortex. Essentially we romanticize the life as we would a celebrity and it can literally pull us in syphoning energy from this life taking over our current reality. What is important is understanding, releasing and healing the life. Not trying to relive it.

There are very few people who see past lives this way. I know this because I also see, train and activate gifts in others and it’s not one I’ve come across YET. I’m sure I will eventually! Even the amazing and admirable Edgar Cayce could only access these lives subconsciously while being unconscious and he “listened” the the information when he came back to consciousness after it had been recorded for him. So there was still a gap there where the information wasn’t always easily accessible. Hence where he got the name, “Sleeping prophet”. So I understand I have a unique perspective and I defiantly don’t expect everyone to agree. But I still thought it valuable to share.

Most of our soul structures take about 1,000 lives to master Earth. 1,000 lives! So in that way we can resonate with others major life themes. For example, we’ve all been bullied. We’ve all lost someone we love. We’ve all done something we regret. So in this way past life journeying and retrieval will always be valuable, when healing and understanding is your purpose.

The only life you should be focused on admiring, is the one you’re living now. Heal the rest and be present.

More information can be found —> ‘Spiritual Development: With the New England Psychic Medium’

Copyright © Jessenia Nozzolillo the New England Psychic Medium

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