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Past Life Misconceptions

It’s a common misconception. That we look exactly like our past lives. This is 100% wrong. We actually intentionally choose different images, races, locations and genders so that we learn what it’s like balancing lives of masculine and feminine nature. Genetic similarities are just that, genetic similarities. Most of us have 300-700 lives that means you would see 700 of you and since that’s never been done I think we can release the idea that we need to look or should look exactly the same. There are lessons in even our image. We may choose a life of deformity to complete karma where we were horrible to the deformed so that we know what it’s like. We also don’t usually have marks where we died last. As someone who has seen hundreds of thousands of past lives please understand this. Usually our scars and marks are of this life. We can SOMETIMES have a marker usually that means we NEEDED TO REMEMBER that story for karmic clearing. What we can carry are energetic sensitivities to touch around the trauma wounds. For example someone who had their throat sliced may never want their throat touched. That is incredibly common. We also aren’t forced to incarnate because most of us don’t have any kinds of contracts. We choose to incarnate because we want to make peace with our karmic debts. Like sitting at home dwelling over the thing you said on the zoom meeting by accident that hurt your co worker. We obsess because we feel bad and want to make amends. So we choose to come back to Earth to clear that guilt so we no longer have to obsess. It needs to be cleared where it was created. Our lives are more like our brother and sister lives. They are all different fragments of our higher-self. This is why we are not exactly like our past experiences. We all have our own personal challenges and lessons we must learn and come across. SOMETIMES when we “fail” a lesson we try to closely recreate that life to work out the lesson. In that case the parents and people are very similar. Even then it’s just an attempt at recreation not an exact carbon copy. @soul_architect_jessenia @_jessenia_n

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