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Pain is Temporary—Suffering is a Choice

Shift Your Perspective

Here I am, fumbling in my purse for my key in the freezing cold.

My guides said “Shift your perspective.”

I’m aggravated and thinking “There is nothing to shift! I’m cold!”

Then I turn away from them like a fussy little child... no ones perfect. The sun hits my face and hands - still searching for my keys. The bitter cold wind now at my back - skin protected by my jacket and hood. The sun warming my face and skin... I shifted my perspective.

Sometimes we choose to suffer pointlessly. We pass our jacket hanging up on the rack by the door because of laziness. We come out into the cold, we don’t grab our key inside the warm store. We stand in the cold shadow of the car facing the wind to fumble for our key for 5 mins hating our purse, wind, cold, errands and computer ink that brought us here.

I could have dressed better, I could have prepared and grabbed my keys in the store, I could have shifted my stance toward the sun that was waiting patiently to offer me warmth. Suffering isn’t always necessary. But sometimes we get so involved in our physical experience that we ignore all the things we COULD HAVE EASILY DONE to make the experience less bothersome.

As simple as this perspective and story is, take a minute to think about all the times in your own life you could be causing unnecessary suffering for yourself and the ones you love. Release the patterns and thought that keep the issue reoccurring. Take the second to do things differently. Make new habits.

One thought becomes one action. One action becomes one result. One result can lead the way to new habits. New habits create change. Change is growth. Change is healing.


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