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Nothing will ever be the same.

6 months ago, people were worried about the newest shoes, roots growing out, nails being done, making those deadlines.

Death was inevitable yet something most of us ignored. We stated it in the face, terrified yet still lacked the ability to fully live as living meant breaking free from our routine and all the things we were so sure we needed.

But in a snap of a finger, we are crippled in fear. The world has come to a near halt. All the things you thought you needed 6 months ago seemed to shift into a new pile of needs. Toilet paper, food, survival. With that also comes stepping into a new kind of living and love. We see the true colors of death. The sadness in parting but the reminder that what we do while we are here MATTERS. We are not born to simply meet lists and deadlines there is more to this life.

Many of us have found ourselves looking at what’s left with more gratitude. The smile of a stranger seems so much more powerful now that we are not spoiled with it. The freedom of travel such a beautiful thing we’ve taken for granted. The excitement of an adventure with the ones you love. We simply have learned to see things differently.

Not everyone is home, comfortable, reminiscing. Some are sad. Some facing their own shadows. Some forced to acknowledge the direction of their choices and how to repair them. Some trapped in abusive relationships and cycles with little to no escape or aid. Not all of us are experiencing the same quarantine. What is similar across the board is, nothing will ever be the same.

So in the end, when this is all said and done, I hope you have a story of transformation, triumph, humanity, compassion, love. I hope you have a REAL map to living. One where you focused only on the things that mattered right now. Who/what mattered the most when you thought there was no tomorrow? That is your why. Your inspiration and your guide and your new life plan.

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Rosane Akerman
Rosane Akerman
Apr 24, 2020

That’s amazing... :)


Ann Singsaas
Ann Singsaas
Apr 22, 2020

I moved here in January, right before the pandemic. Before I moved, I heard a voice telling me to move to where the person I would miss the most if I never saw them again is. That's my son and here I am. Steps in the right direction.

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