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No such thing as “ONE”

By Jessenia Nozzolillo

I was channeling someone’s soul structure and origins today when I started receiving this message, and I thought it was so necessary to share.

What a beautiful way to start off Libra season and to bring in the fall equinox.


“In spirit, we recognize that one, a singular item or thing is never truly real. Simply an illusion of the human mind that has yet to fully comprehend the vastness of life and creation.

One is non-existent because everything has an energetic reflection, opposition, and/or duality. So what we may PERCEIVE as one is simply a fragment of a larger story.

You are not one. You are a fragment of a master soul. Your master soul a part of a soul group. That soul group a part of the galaxy you reside in. That galaxy is a part of the cosmic fabric of space; this pattern has no end and no true beginning. Additionally, all of those aspects have oppositions and reflections.

Our goal here is merger and master. Meaning we get to know one another so well that all of the soul groups have the same database and knowledge. Then we move on to other lessons and galaxies and continue our cosmic expansion. But even in this illusion of “one,” we must remember there is the shadow opposition, the equal and opposite.

This is a pivotal dynamic for the law of attraction because by existing it means you are also a reflection of your oppositions and a magnet to your lessons. The energetic code that creates you calls in these things naturally as sacred geometrical patterns of expansion create reflection and resistance. This means I can only be happy because sadness exists somewhere at some point. I can only love because I understand hate. Light itself will naturally cast a shadow.

These oppositions are not seen as destructive and bad. They are simply realities to existance. Like a battery, exsistance needs polatities to move energy back and forth creating cosmic energy exchange that funds our infinite reality.

The illusion of one is a human trauma response. As humans we experience lives where we are hurt by loved ones, let down, discouraged and disappointed by the world over and over again. We may even feel like our creator has forgot to about us and we are all alone here in this difficult mission.

That is not the truth it is pain surfacing. We have never been alone. You have never done anything fully alone. Something somewhere was cheering you on, watching over you, whispering to you, reflecting you, reaching out and trying to give you courage to continue, guidance to heal and direction to move on in a positive manner. But this obsession with one closed you off to that. We cannot force free will and no one, no matter how gifted, can forced to learn a concept they are closed off to.”

Copyright ©️ Protected Jessenia Nozzolillo 2021


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