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Moving in Gratitude

By Jessenia Nozzolillo

I just had the most beautiful dream. I was in a memorial, and in the memorial that was presented as a large building, there were rooms, displays, and people explaining the exhibitions and what they represented.

It felt like I was dropped in, and although I remembered everything, I was unaware it was being displayed this way.

I would go room to room and see the different houses I’ve lived in and what they meant for me. I would see a people of the past that surfaced with positive memories. I was reading them, thinking they were there because I could help them. Then someone said, “We are here because you have already helped us more than you know, and now we need to help you remember who you are. This is a display of gratitude for gratitude to help you have gratitude. Remember.”

Then I realized that they had put together, in this beautiful display, millions of positive memories I’ve had. And in one hallway, the memories of this life.

The days I went camping as a child. The days we laughed until our belly hurt. Traveling with my cousins and playing basketball in the street. Playing outside. Sheet forts over the swing set. The smell of grass over the sheets. I was so overwhelmed with happiness I began to cry in the dream, to think anyone would put in this kind of work to help me in a difficult time was so precious. I was again overwhelmed in gratitude.

Then I woke up.

This was a beautiful reminder that no matter how difficult things get, ALL OF US have a couple of precious moments stored deep within us somewhere that can surface gratitude for life. We are beings of creation. Our thoughts become our reality. Our thoughts are the orchestra to which we dance and move daily. When you are feeling disempowered, visit those pure thoughts. Those small memories, the happy ones full of love and find peace there knowing that memory can fuel your day, change your mood, shift your thoughts, and charge the way you move through life.

Copyright Protected Jessenia Nozzolillo 2022

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