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Mental Health & Disorders

So many forms of psychosis in this life are caused by people not being able to separate this reality from a past reality/life. We can live in multiple places at the same time and do. Our souls are multidimensional. The issue is our bodies are not and our mind (being of the physical body) has a hard time comprehending multidimensional existence being made of 3D matter it can only truly comprehend 3D reality. The only time we are able to see further or deeper is when we tap into our subconscious mind, or AWAKEN to our souls database. When we think with the soul we see there are many possibilities and places. We allow things to simply be without “needing to make sense of everything” or put everything into boxes and categories with timelines that align to the limitations of 3D reality. Someone who isn’t aware of what they are seeing, doesn’t have the proper training or information, is surrounded my 3D minds and thinkers, stays stuck in a “past life vortex” is unable to digest what they are seeing will always feel “mad” or “bonkers”. They repress and hide it. Keep it to themselves until that energy explodes outward and is viewed as a mental disorder. Uncontrolled. Difficult to comprehend. Difficult to make sense of. Someone who cannot tell the difference between the dimensional veils / spirit / soul / reality is someone who seems to be “out of touch” with reality. Something we commonly diagnose as a mental disorder or illness of the psyche. Essentially everything we experience and feel in this reality has an origins. Finding that origins and properly healing it, removing it, creating proper connections and knowing allows us to start on a clean slate. The most profound gift to self and soul. A new beginning. This is profound. A new way of thinking and life. Healing for the world and healing for the “victims”. Imagine how much we could grow and see if we stopped looking at everything as an issue and more like a window? @_jessenia_n @soul_architect_jessenia Art by Colosso

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