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Memory Blocks and Trauma

One of the reasons people have a hard time accessing and healing past lives on their own is, sometimes the trauma is simply too overwhelming to face. Your body and emotions naturally respond in fight of flight, or panic and avoid the memory. This is overwhelming because now we have a deeply traumatizing life we simply can’t access. Or we see aspects of the life but not the trauma, which is what needs addressing to heal.

Occasionally, in this life someone could face something so traumatic that the soul will actually leave the body. Retreat. In a situation like this the victim may feel like a 3rd party observer to the trauma. Their body remembers but their soul fled. If their soul flees completely then the person likely has no recollection of the trauma only vague sounds visuals and memories that remind them they were in danger and scared. More like a energetic imprint then a memory.

Sometimes we have a soul group that will actually block out or take traumatic memories and leave blank spaces. The Angelic Soul Group is notorious for this. Is something wasn’t a part of your plan, they would simply take the memory so that you can have a chance at life without the trauma. Although people in this case know something went wrong, they cannot access it or remember. Even though I can see- I am instructed not to share because exposing the memory could mean deterioration of the mind. Essentially it was blocked because it could derail your whole life. Sometimes we heal enough and become strong enough to access these memories later on in life. In that case they usually come back as distorted images. We get the gist of the trauma but it feels and looks surreal. like an image ripped up and pieced back together.

Sometimes a human represses a “origination” memory from their past SO INTENSELY that they disassociate with the memory all together and would risk their life to protect it. Their fight or flight says “This memory is too much for me to take, I am not able to mentally process it or forgive myself. Therefore we will pretend it never happened.” They build a whole life off the lie. This means everything is a lie and they never see truth. This makes them very fragile and sensitive to those who challenge their walls and feeble structure. So the disassociation continues and the longer they live in this “false reality” the harder they fight to protect their trauma origin story from exposure. Usually these memories originate in the aggressor. They would get defensive of anyone who tried to get to know them, if anyone offered help, if anyone showed them a hole in their story or structure. Because facing one aspect of the lie means their whole structure, life, defenses crumble and they are exposed. Overwhelmed with guilt and pain. Essentially they protect their false reality with their life because reality is simply too overwhelming to face. We cannot block one fragment of reality and not the rest so their life becomes an abstract collection of things they are willing to accept (usually out of context) with things they pretend are not real. In essence their mind gets ill.

This is information I gather from spirit and see in connections with clients. I am not claiming to be a doctor of any sort.

Copyright 2020 Jessenia Nozzolillo the New England Psychic Medium

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