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Maybe The Mission Was Love All Along

Updated: May 4, 2023

By Jessenia Nozzolillo

I was having a conversation that inspired a discussion about the purpose of lives, past life recall, reincarnation, the mission on Earth, and our purpose as leaders of this powerful revolution to integrate and reintroduce Spirit to Earth in the most profound way possible, finally reducing needless suffering.

The idea of being “mission-driven” is something I have struggled with in so many of my lives, including this one. When we know the need and desperation for the awakening of humanity, we can be overwhelmed by doing whatever possible to ensure the job gets done. And so many times, I myself have felt so mission-driven that I feel defeated and lost, often falling into patterns of sacrifice instead of love. I believed I was “falling deep into love,” but my trauma, lack of self-love, mission-driven mentality, and fear held me back. Even when I thought I was giving it my all, I wasn’t. I was reciprocating what I was given while fearful of being unworthy of something greater — something all consuming. Something that truly shook the depths of my soul. I was holding back because I was scared to be denied such a powerful love so I chose to “protect” myself by being rational, sensible, responsible, predictable, and reserved. I remember walking in Egypt hearing past versions of me echoing a similar message, “How could I so selfishly choose love over the people who depended on me? How could I let them down?”

Then Spirit said to me today, “Jessenia, love has always been the mission.”

This made me think, the mission? How is this really about love? So many times I’ve seen love as a distraction. I have seen so many people use relationships for blame or other reflections of trauma and toxic patterns— including myself! I’ve seen so much abuse in the name of love. So much loss. So much pain. Then, as always, they lovingly said something along the lines of, “If you would shut up and listen we could explain…”

So they began.

“It is love that fuels existence. The desire to know ourselves deeply is only possible through reflection and partnership. We reflect onto others through relationship. It is love that inspires us to heal, because once we taste love we never want to loose it. It is self-love that inspires the healing and therefore evolution of humans and Spirit alike. It is love that drives the curiosity in expansion nurturing the creative expression that continues birthing new thoughts, art and ideas. It is love that heals old wounds and in love that we have the courage to dive deep into the subconscious mind in order to better understand the universe itself. Love drives all, inspires all, heals all. So in this way, you can see the mission was always love.

It is the brave that leap into love without fear of judgment and without reservation. It is the proud and in love who guide the world into healing through the inspiration that pure love radiates. It is in love that we surrender fully and practice the deepest form of trust and therefore union. It is in love that we unify and merge, releasing any fear based walls our wounds thought would protect us. If fear was the problem then love is the only solution.”

This triggered a beautiful sense of knowing within me that honored the need to feel love at its deepest and purest frequency. To be fully consumed by love, in its entirety. To allow it to overwhelm every cell in my body. To be fearless in the pursuit of love, wherever that brings me. To be fully led by the heart, and surrender. To trust that love will always lead me to the right places. To feel fully, without walls.

Then the question surfaced, what kind of love are you ready to receive?

Copyright Protected Jessenia Nozzolillo 2022

Art: Cosmic Love Dance by Judith Kusel

Copyright protected Jessenia Nozzolillo 2022

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