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Change Your Life

Manifest more than you think possible, by first healing.

The reason I don’t talk about manifestation to much is that I truly believe that healing will always be the answer. Hear me.

When we are wounded, it’s hard to see anything that doesn’t comply with those wounds. The wounds reflect in our thoughts, imagination, self-worth, and that limits what we BELIEVE we are capable of. As someone who suffered from tremendous trauma, there were times I thought, “I’ll never be important, I’ll never find love, love doesn’t exist, good people don’t exist, I’ll never break this cycle of poverty.” My dreams seemed SO OVERWHELMING. Like I would never accomplish such amazing things.

But something tremendous happened. When I took the focus of the “large goals” and made my focus HEALING and self-love, I slowly found myself accomplishing my dreams—one goal at a time. My life began transforming in front of me, and everything slowly came together. Often, it felt like the universe was conspiring for me. It was aligning my path in a way that “rewarded” healing and growth. It was a tremendous awareness. Now I look back, and I can’t even recognize those thoughts I once had. I feel so sorry for her. I was stuck there in those self-abuse patterns. But I’m thankful for how far I’ve come. Still in awe that I have accomplished all I ever set out to achieve and more!

If you want to manifest something, manifest healing, healing will always open all the right doors.

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