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What Happens After Death?

Updated: Jan 18, 2020

Here I share what I see when crossing over spirits both as an Akashic Records Reader and a Medium.

What happens after death?

In a perfect scenario, someone would have weeks to transition into crossing. In these weeks, we are usually visited by our loved ones who have already crossed. They come to visit and be with us so we aren’t alone or scared and prepare us for the transition. Then the time comes, a person who is preparing to cross would activate the portal home. Either by choice or through necessity but most of the time souls are involved in the process and 100% prepared and accepting. In some cases, people may panic and run if It’s not gradual and if they have unfinished business on this side. When ready, clients usually feel a sense of euphoria and peace as they cross into this portal and return home.

Visually, it begins as a Galaxy. Then you would pinpoint your home. Your home creates a light that gets bigger as it gets closer to you. This light is a portal or a door opening up from your home. Portals look like plasma swirls. So thin you can’t see it from the side perspective. But when looking straight on it’s similar to a pool of white blue metallic plasma. It may seem like a spiral of light, but the spiral is an illusion. It’s more like a hallway home. Home is home dimension. Your star. Where you were constructed as a soul or born.

Most beings go straight into life review. They get a chance to scan over their life. Look at their accomplishments or regrets. Another chance to learn through an omniscient perspective getting the most out of the experience. Then they use the regrets, failures and lessons to integrate into a new life plan or take on a soul job. For example, working with someone they wronged, healing them, helping them find happiness and peace, helping repair the damage they made. If the person doesn’t learn, heal and forgive then they have to bring it back into life planning and come back to work it out physically.

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