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“Losing” a loved one.

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Information on the death of the physical body and transition of the soul.

Tips to helping a loved one cross over.

Losing a loved one can be horribly emotional and hard. One of the hardest shifts we must overcome as humans. Even if we are blessed enough to speak to spirit, our body still misses the aspect of them we could hold, love, be close to. We still must grieve the physical person they were before we reconnect with their soul aspects. These transitions are not easy, here I share some tips that may help us in the transition.

Terminal illness, body failure, failure to thrive etc... Sometimes we are so obsessed with their presence here that we actually keep them here in their suffering knowing very well their illness/mental/emotional state cannot survive here. Sometimes we do this because of fear that we will never see them or be with them again. We want them to fight harder. We think they will have a miraculous recovery. But many times this is our own inability to say bye. Many people stuck here in this place of suffering, are stuck because they don’t want to hurt their loved ones. At this point they have likely already left their body because their body is usually in a lot of pain so they have to leave to manage the pain. They are usually hanging in the local environment as observers making peace with their passing and likely already have loved ones coming through to guide them home. A lot of people in this state have a hard time saying bye because their families simply aren’t ready. Not because they aren’t ready. Allow your loved ones the peace of knowing you are sad, but need them to do what is best for them. Remind them that you will see them again and that you will be ok.

Give them time. They are likely even more emotional then you are. Especially in sudden deaths. Leaving this Earth is not easy and there is a transition period all souls deal with when they cross over and this does take time to become aware of their new body and place. A soul will usually make rounds before they leave saying bye to many loved ones. This is a really imperative time for transition. If they feel like someone can not survive without them or that someone NEEDS them to be healthy and live on then a soul may not be able to cross over. They may linger hoping to be of service connection to the loved one who cannot let go. In this state, the soul is very little help to Thor loved ones. They are much more helpful and healthy if you let them cross over first before returning because that is where all the healing happens. So because of this, it is important to acknowledge “This broke my heart but I am happy you are no longer suffering and I know you will return to me.”

A freshly crossed over soul then goes into the light into a transition space. It looks like a large room where their deceased loved ones await them and they celebrate the souls life. They then go into life review and healing usually done in the Akashic Realm. This can take time. If they have a lot of guilt, pain, suffering, trauma or have caused others a lot of pain suffering and trauma — life review will take longer to work through. A crossed over soul is always thoughtful, apologetic, high vibrational, compassionate, forgiving, open minded and ready to help. Low vibrational souls are guilt ridden, vengeful, angry, full of hatred and manipulate. If the soul is swaying you into negative behavior they have not crossed over. Send them into the light.

Based of this information that soul makes a plan. Usually that plan is to work with or make a mends with people of Earth they have negative karma or debts with. They can do this by acting as spirit advisors or guides. In this state of existence they would anchor themselves to the person they are working with and assisting.

After he crosses over, heals, finds peace with the passing, THEY CAN COME BACK in a loving supportive comforting form. You will find yourself having conversations with him in your mind and you will be able to feel him around you. They will visit in your dreams. They may guide you into healing and growth. They may even come back as a child or loved one through the reincarnation process.

Grief, sadness, pain is a natural part of the human shifting process but it is also a block to hearing/feeling souls. So take this time while your loved one is transitioning to heal yourself. Remember, they will be back energetically but you have work to do if you want to hear/see/feel them again.

Also remember that our souls are infinite. They are happy when they cross over because they know it will be no time at all before you are reconnected. We as humans have a hard time with that idea because we see this transition as permanent. It is not. We will all be reunited once again. So it is never bye, it is “See you again soon.”

Copyright Protected 2020 Jessenia Nozzolillo the New England Psychic Medium

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