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Life Planning in the Akashic Realm

Life Planning in the Akashic Realm All souls - who are compatible to Earths atmosphere and choose to incarnate on Earth - begin in the Akashic Realm. In this realm we enter many stages of life planning. Stage one is choosing our lessons or “major”, similar to college. Once we have chosen a school that we are compatible with we start planning what that would look like. After our goals are chosen we then take fragments of master soul and begin planning lives for those fragments that work together for the lessons and milestones we have planned. Many people use the term “past lives” to discuss the relationship between these fragments. We use a system of grid work and predictive measures to outline what we wish to achieve and common alternative routes to those goals. We even use a “hologram” like structure that allows us to play out the scenarios as they would on Earth using our souls characteristics as an outline to what behavior is most likely. This is strategically done with data used in the observation of humanity over thousands of years. In these alternate realities we play out all options given to us. What if, I decided not to date him? What if, I stayed too long in the relationship? What if, I never went to school. We see the paths play out in a simulation so “real” that some people refer to this as a parallel world or alternate reality. The difference is, we DO NOT waste physical energy creating and manifesting all of these realities. So they do not become physical, unless we choose to walk that road after we have incarnated. The energetic mapping is intense. It is a coded pattern laced with symbology so that we understand the road we are on is aligned to us. Even after all this planning, one might still ditch the map completely and force what was never “meant to be”. In a case like this the person always feels like they are fighting the wind on an uphill battle where there is little to no synchronicity’s and the challenges set forth can seem difficult and overwhelming as they weren’t really made to be faced in this lifetime. Sometimes we feel like we don’t have the tools to overcome those challenges or that “nothing works out in our favor” or that “we have no support system”. A life on one of your pre-planned paths will also have many Déjà vu’s. These are actually memories from life planning showing you that you are exactly where you are suppose to be. After the life is planned we move to astrology coding. Astrology will help guide you into the conception and birthdate that best guides you onto your path. What juice and energy will best guide you into the strongest version of yourself? What cosmic soup will be best aligned to keep you on track with your goals? Where on Earth are those birth options available in other people’s maps? When you’ve located people planned to both aspects, you would then choose a family you likely know and have some history with. One who has the lesson and life you need, one who aligns to your birth plan. Many children actually linger near and around their families years before incarnating as a way to “get to know” their families and prepare for the life coming. After you have chosen your family you move into your “skins”. Here you work with body designers. They choose from the genealogy available to you based on the parents you chose. This works hand in hand with biology. If the parents don’t carry an option then the soul cannot choose that option. The rarest genealogy means that the baby may take longer to manifest as it could take a lot of trial and error to get that rare or unlikely mixture. Our bodies are a large part of our lesson. We may choose to be heavy set to work through issues with body conformity, obesity, self-love, body image, karma, criticism etc. Our sexuality is also a part of life planning. We choose a sexuality that aligns to our mission. Many people in the LGBTQ+ community are on a mission to help the world release judgment and stipulations based on gender. When we release what we believe people SHOULD be we move into more compassionate living. As we choose our partners, soulmates, connections we may align with multiple partners through our life. A soulmate is anyone you’ve incarnated with frequently. It could be a friend, mother, brother, sister, partner etc. someone you have a deep connection with as you know each other well at soul level and through your many incarnations together. Soul family is a term used to describe a group of souls who incarnate together many times, usually 23 times or more. A soul group are beings from your home dimension or birth planet/star. We don’t always incarnate only with our soul group because the point is to learn about other groups and bring that diversity back to our home, or soul group, to teach. A twin flame is someone who is designed to pull you into alignment. You push too much they naturally pull. You pull too much they naturally push. A twin flame will not meet you where you are, they challenge growth. They challenge you to come to center and find inner peace through resistance training. They are made to force you into alignment. That is why some people see twin flame relationships as destructive. If we unite with a twin flame before healing has taken place we cannot meet at center. The push and pull it too overwhelming to create a sustainable relationship and they part, usually explosively. When the twin flame isn’t here for whatever reason, we have soulmate relationships and partners. They are designed to meet you where you are. Like a best friend with the same interests. We also have soul family who will pop in here and there to remind you of lessons. These may not always feel “loving” but you chose them knowing that they love you at soul level and are “playing a role” to help you align to your purpose. For example, “I kicked you out so you wouldn’t miss your opportunity for growth/your train to a new life/ the next best thing for you.” We might hate them for kicking us out. But at soul level, we see they were doing their part in pushing us where we needed to be. Because of this, it is actually true that most of the people in our lives who play our “oppressors” are actually soul family taking one the missions to guide us into the best possible versions of ourselves even if it feels aggressive while on Earth. That’s not to say we don’t loose our control and act out of character or plan. Earth is a very dense planet to incarnate on. Part of that means we loose our connection to our higher-self and plan. This also means we are susceptible to our human training and conditioning or survival mechanisms so it’s common to act out of plan. A major point of life planning is choosing our spirit team. Our spirit guides are designed to anchor to us when we are incarnated which means we can call upon them anytime. They work through us sometimes reflective of our character and energy. If we have a mission or goal in life that requires a skill we don’t naturally carry, we would choose a guide who has those characteristics so that they can work through us when the time comes. We may also choose guides for their gifts. If we have a particular gift we are trying to master or absorb, we may choose a guide that has already mastered that gift to that they can work through us training us. We are still steering the wheel. We can still alter manipulate and detail our progress. But when in tune and aligned we are able to let them guide us when needed and take the wheel when needed. Most people come to Earth with 7 guides. 1 active at birth. One activated around 5. 2 more activate in adulthood. The rest as needed for missions later on in life. As we get older they again become inactive. Inactive means they are with us but at a distance. Not currently available. Guardian Angels can be spirit guides or they can be regular people incarnated on Earth. The angelic soul group cluster is the largest soul group currently incarnated on Earth. When our physical body sleeps our soul will take on missions, astral travel, grow and expand. Sometimes that means protecting Earth. If you are an incarnated Angelic soul you may have this “night time” mission of astral traveling or Guardian Angel. Sometimes our spirit guides are deceased loved ones who have some karma they want to work through after they cross. They may come in as gift trainers, for guidance, compassion, or to get the family back on track. They do this with compassion and love. Never criticism or vengeance or anger. I add this because sometimes what you have is a family member who refuses to cross over and is actually haunting you, not guiding you. They are very different energies. One would be angry, upset, resentful, draining and the other uplifting, compassionate, loving and forgiving. Part of life planning, also includes death. We do actually write in our exit points. Our death does usually align to our lesson. Most of the time it’s peaceful and easy because that’s what we wanted. Most souls hate death because it can be painful. Most of us leave our bodies before death even takes place. We have MULTIPLE exit points. Sometimes a death is planned to remove a soul from a life that is too far off track. For example, I’ve seen and connected to souls who hurt the ones they loved so much that they NEEDED to leave because they were creating way more negative karma then they could manage and would rather leave the life before more damage was done so that they could begin the repair and reincarnation process. Sometimes, when we “fail a mission” that fragment of self will come back in to Earth using the same goals, usually the same family (as the lesson is usually still available in that family line) and the same kind of body/sex/image. Not exact but similar. I’ve seen this happen 6 times in a row! Addiction can be one of these examples. The more we die of addiction the harder it is to overcome as we take that karma, lesson, emotional baggage with us again and again until we “get it right” and heal. Part of life planning also includes friends, family members, pets, how many children you will have and around what time. No one if forced into your life. These connections are all agreed upon by both parties before incarnation. We can still alter that plan. Someone may choose to be celibate or have their reproductive organs completely removed which means they denied the children they planned to have. That is fine too. We do still have free will. The issue with this is, your life was planned for those children so you will be constantly reminded of the void left when they never arrived. That has a heavy weight on many people here on Earth. Feeling like something is mission and incomplete somewhere even if they aren’t able to associate it with children. Some people’s plan include no children too! Not everyone “denies” children. Some never planned them! We can have a plan of 2, and move into a plan of 4 children if we pick up more responsibility down the road, for example a family members “failed” mission and reincarnation. Even with all of this planning, it is still a plan. We take this “road map” down to Earth when we incarnate as just that - a road map. That road map becomes our guide, if we know how to listen to and tap into our subconscious database or soul. The better we connect to that, the easier it is to see the life we have planned for ourselves and be proactive about our lessens or roadblocks. Having access to this roadmap is powerful. Imagine being guided into the best version of yourself with clarity direction and confidence? All of this information is information I have gathered myself through my personal connections with my clients and connections to the life planning center in the Akashic realm in which I have worked at soul level. Blog link here: Copyright © protected Jessenia Nozzolillo 2020

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