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Lessons of the Soul

By Jessenia Nozzolillo

A few lessons I’ve learned from reading people’s souls:

> People's reactions to their environment are never really something we should take personally. >> I used to let everything get to me. People were trolling comments, people making comments about my work and ways or my beliefs. Then I realized that these comments and, in fact, everyone’s behavior and actions had nothing to do with me. They were stemming from deeply rooted traumas I wasn’t necessarily even a part of. It helped me stop taking this personally.

> People are exactly who you think they are. >> I have always been gifted but was abused and groomed by abusers to go against my better judgment and give everyone the best of me, regardless of how they abused, took advantage, or mistreated me. I really believed it was my “duty” as a woman, mother, and then healer. It’s not. It’s a symptom of trauma and abuse. It helps no one. Not even the people you are giving to! Because it allows them to keep thinking that stealing energy is ok or normal. It is not. It’s toxic energy exchange you were allowing and therefore participating in.

> No one owes anyone anything! >> Our society has so many notions about who we owe. It’s your husband, your adult child, your family, your blood… the truth is none of that matters, and we were never supposed to sacrifice who we are and what we wanted in life for any of these relationships. We, in fact, can only be the best parent, family member, wife if we learn to prioritize OUR OWN healing.

> The internet is a terrible place for spiritual advice. >> Most people on here are still trying to figure things out and really still don’t know what they are talking about.

> WE ARE ALL GIFTED. >> I spent a whole lifetime watching gifted people treat their gifts like a total anomaly—people I highly admired and adored. Only to find out, “shit, I have gifts!? Awesome! OMG, EVERYONE HAS GIFTS!? Even better!” Gifts are not special. But if we keep thinking that gifted people will not keep their ego in check and keep letting their ego rule their connection. Also, another reason why the internet is flooded with garbage.

>This beautiful, necessary, life-changing experience is just one of a thousand for most people. >> Living in the moment is so necessary. But it’s also necessary to remember the infinite nature of your soul and mission. We are not on vacation. We have trillions of souls depending on us to complete our work here.

>You matter. >> You, exactly how you are, who you are, how you want to be, matters. It always will. You are valuable and love unconditionally by the collective and so necessary. So perfect in your inter-dimensional light. But your trauma may convince you otherwise. DO NOT LET YOUR PAIN FOOL YOU.

> Masters practice self-control. >> Before I became a teacher, I didn’t know gifts could be controlled, and many people treated them as if they controlled me. I was supposed to be used for my gifts. Not understand them. Not control or train them. After being a teacher, I see how wrong that was and how much more powerful we are when we are in control. No one is a master at anything without control! Spirit is the same.

> The world needs ALL of its healers. >> Before opening my gifts and teaching, it felt like many healers and readers were all about their own gifts. With development and work, I see that my job is to activate healers globally and saturate the population, because it’s time for change! We need to change the way we’ve functioned on Earth, move out of fear and into spirit. Knowing ourselves and gifts fully and using them in our daily lives and activities.

> The only thing that is “forever” is your relationship with yourself. >> we are infinite beings. I have never come across a situation where one being is always with another for all of existence. So what’s that mean? It means that your relationship with yourself is truly your only constant. So why do we sacrifice so much of who we are for others? Conditioning. We are biologically programmed in the human form to seek companionship for repopulation. So on Earth, we are learning relationships in with the added hormones, societal standards, and human programs, which does make us a bit more clingy than in spirit. And no, this doesn’t mean we are always alone in spirit or that it’s better just that our relationship with ourselves is so meaningful.

> Humor is valuable! >> Society might try to convince you that humor is inappropriate or immature! It is not. Finding humor in all things is a sign of healing. It means you are not taking everything so seriously that you forget to live, grow, me happy and enjoy the trip.

>Goodbye is an illusion. >> I will see you again, in spirit, in a physical form, in emotion, in memory billions of times.

>No one is above better than or more important than anyone else. >> You are so valuable and necessary that spirit used billions of souls to plan and prepare this existence just for you, watching you, learning from you, and cheering you on. You are just important as the rest of us. We are all equal.

> Humans don’t take action like they should. >> I’ve always struggled to understand this. Why do people allow people to starve? Struggle? Suffer? Because we cannot feel for something, we don’t understand. Humans learn through experience. If you feel for someone, it’s because you have been there in some life. But it can work negatively too. For example, if you were conned by a “homeless” person, you may never trust them again! What humans need is relatability. They have to pretend it’s them and truly immerse themselves in the persons' story actively. See the faces of your loved ones and yourself in the struggle, then you will see how inhumane it has always been to sit and do nothing. We need more people taking action! Stop hesitating to lend a hand, share a meal, make a donation, give a hug. The world is better for it.

Copyright Protected Jessenia Nozzolillo 2021

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