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Karmic Amputations and Rouge Souls

I had another “karmic amputation” for a client.

What is karmic amputation?

Our past lives can create karmic debts, as well as call in karmic surplus through their behavior.

Karmic debts are when we take from the universe. Karmic surplus is when we heal/care after/ give. Not through sacrifice or necessity, through love. Karma is infinite energy balance. It simply means what’s taken should be returned, and that’s what keeps energy infinite. The fact that it is always being fed. So it is the law of infinite energy. Karma created on Earth is best cleared on Earth. Why? The density and behavior of the debt are easier to combat on the planet it was created. We are not “forced” to complete karma, but the burden weighs on us heavily in spirit, and most of us refuse to carry around that cosmic debt for the rest of our existence.

Occasionally we have a case where a child is so horribly abused, neglected, traumatized that they become their trauma. We now have the tools to help adults heal from these traumas. But 500 years ago, we did not.

Without tools for healing or trauma awarness, the child is lost in a world where no one can help them, many times reacting to their trauma and judging them VS understanding the pain they carry. Repeat after me; no child is “bad” simply responding to their environment and their pain. Even if you can’t understand or a knowledge the pain, it’s there and very real. The lack of this knowledge creates more and more trauma. “No one loves me. No one cares about me. This world is cruel. I’m not good enough. No one will ever see me for me. Why am I so bad?”

In this case, this child’s mother was murdered by her incredibly abusive father because he didn’t like how she looked at a man. He claimed she was a possessed demonic witch, and he had to kill her to save his family in an act of self-defense. So the small town let it go, never marking her has a murder victim. They never investigating further. It fit their fears. It made sense to them. But in reality, she was an herbalist and healer, not an “evil possessed demonic witch.”

The church praised his bravery, but the girl knew the truth. Her aggression, sadness, and overwhelming anger for her mother's unjust murder and their blindness to reality presented itself as explosive and frustrated behavior to the world. So her world, fearful and blind, saw her as an angry and possibly possessed child, “just like her mother” while pitying the father, now a “Brave single man watching over his family, protecting them against evil forces.” Women even fought over him, hoping to be the mother's replacement.

Because of that, the new wife kicked the “troubled and possessed child” to the street at 12 for being a “danger to the family.” Here she was forced to struggle for survival on her own in a town where everyone hated her and believed she was just as “crazy as her mother.” She was only 12 at the time.

None of this was true. A whole town mentally, physically, emotionally abused her for something that was simply not true. She was bullied because she wanted justice for her mother.

She was given a chance at change. Spirit had placed an older loving woman in her path who invited her into her home around 17 years of age. She took care of her. Loved her. Fed her. Taught her the ways of healing magic. Showed her how to manifest love and change. Taught her to use the moon and Earth for the transmutation of energy. As we all do when healing, the child was not receptive to the help still carrying a lot of pain and anger from the life she lived. Now 17, she was so angry and hurt by her trauma, she used the magic in a horrible way. To get vengeance. It was her only goal. Eventually, they raided the home looking for the witch, finding only her elder caregiver. Hung her from a tree and left. The girl, again horrified by the town, snapped.

In her anger, in her pain, in her sadness, she did things she now regrets. She was seeking vengeance on a world that was in fact cruel. Without tools for healing, she did what we all would do. If we cannot conduct love, we — by default, conduct trauma. She began treating other people how they treated her. It’s all she knew.

She began cursing, hexing, and even killing people who had done her wrong. After her death, she was so angry she never crossed over, so she continued the abuse of others even after she died. Our past lives can haunt because they are a fraction of our higher-self. If your fragment refuses to cross over after their physical body dies, they are considered a rouge soul or haunting.

A haunting CAN CREATE NEGATIVE KARMA. In-fact they create negative karma merely existing. Not connected to Earth and no longer connected to spirit, your karmic supply becomes their primary food source, others energy a secondary food source. This is why they “haunt” others, usually clinging to high activity places and sometimes intentionally using the fear they create as food. She was also still abusing others, even as a haunting creating intense karmic debts.

In a case like this, Ground Council will look over the life for karmic responsibility. In this case, they decided she was not given the tools she needs to heal the trauma in time. They also agreed that the bullying, aggression, assumptions, violence of others was, in fact, uncalled for and misdirected. So she was granted the ability of Karmic amputation. The life was severed and sent to healing. As the fragments are recalibrated to match her current energy, they will be sent back to her. But that takes time.

I had a similar experience with the current living entity connected to the rouge soul we now call “la Llorona”.

There are no broken people. Only people still looking for the tools to mend their past.

Copyright protected Jessenia Nozzolillo 2020

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1 Comment

Vanessa Sheridan
Vanessa Sheridan
Sep 17, 2020


I recall you mentioning La Llorona on Facebook in the past, and saying she had almost turned demonic due to the suffering she had inflicted over a long period of time.

How does it affect higher self/oversoul if one of their fragments becomes demonic?

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