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Judgment Day

3:33pm today this channeled message came to me.

Judgment Day

We are currently facing the biblical “judgment day.”

Let me explain...

Everyone currently incarnated on Earth has been here 300-700 lifetimes. Soul level disconnection means we cannot really face our traumas the way we should because we cannot fully connect to them as we should. Psychologically speaking, if we suffer something traumatizing, we usually have a hard time revisiting those memories and, therefor, avoid them. At the same time, we project the symptoms and pain onto people in our surrounding environment. This is the same regarding past lives. Just more of it piled on into this one experience where we are supposed to shake it all off and emerge healed for us and our family line, a mission we excepted before coming to Earth. Without healing, many of us are moving blindly through our lives, repeating our baggage and trauma, in survival mode, disconnected from spirit, and thus moving into material obsession and distractions. Current Earth.

For example, a baby is born innocent. Through their lives, they may pick up hate, trauma, others' beliefs, and judgments. In adulthood, we either choose to continue those consciously or release them and rewrite them. A newly incarnated soul is one that has immediately been exposed to the behavior of humanity and therefore has had to react. Was their reaction in love or in pain? With that is the first “taint” or trauma we carry. The more incarnations we take on, the more trauma we gather until we forget who we are completely. We are in the adulthood stage globally when it comes to soul-level healing. It’s your time to awaken, rise up, take accountability, and see your purpose in this world as a healer and guide.

This lifetime was specifically designed to force awakening and allow healing. We MUST come to terms with our past experiences and lives if we are to heal them and forgive those aspects of ourselves. So in many ways, we are the judge. We are pulling up our worst traumas and “worst selves,” to see if we can, in fact, forgive ourselves enough to do the heavy work and heal those traumas, before it’s too late. We are holding the scales of our own destiny. Weighing our pain over our ability to love and forgive. Our healing is in our power. The fact that you are alive and reading this is proof that you have a chance still, and it isn’t too late.

That is why this life has seen so many awakenings or shifts made to push people to their own awakening even if by force. Those who awaken are given two options. Go within, heal, repair, forgive, clarify your energy and ascend, and move on to the next phase of humanity. Or don’t; don’t heal, don’t repair, don’t face your shadow, don’t open to spirit and push away awakening. In this pattern they continue projecting your pain and suffering into others. Choosing that means choosing not to be a part of New Earth, a spiritual golden age.

Why? Earth is in dire condition. It's begging for mercy. We are on the brink of losing our planet, so extreme measures are being taken globally and spiritually to give our planet and thus the people the greatest chance at survival.

The negativity in the biblical judgment day and rapture? We are facing it. Global fires, illness, confusion, corruption, control, limitation, starvation, greed—we are facing “the end” of our old world as we know it. Not because we are being punished. But because we chose this. Over hundreds of lifetimes, we chose this — over and over again. We decided to stay asleep and feed celebrities, feed our traumas, avoid healing, continue hurting, continue greed. We chose to let our eyes rule, and we chose to shut out the soul.

Those of us who do the work are not only doing the work for ourselves. We are the lightworkers and healers that are creating a platform for New Earth. A place where people feel heard, seen, loved, and connected to source using the tools for healing and growth facing those traumas as they arise so that future generations need not carry this kind of pain and baggage ever again.


copyright protected Jessenia Nozzolillo 2020

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