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Jesus. God? Or human?

This might be really controversial. People might disagree. People might even be offended.

But, I have to say it anyway because it’s being asked of me for months now. Jesus was a human being. Much like the rest of us.

History tends to glorify spiritual gifts and tells stories of the “gifted” as if they were Gods because it has felt like such a rarity for so many centuries. But, everyone actually has gifts. The only thing keeping you from them is healing awareness and training. But ask yourself, when you see Jesus, isn’t he human?

How he explained it to me:

Think about someone who is so famous how they are almost made inhuman my society, placed on a pedestal, someone who seems to do no wrong in the eyes of others. This is what we still do to celebrities. We fall in love with people we admire and tend to pretend we personally know them or what they are up to. We even make up stories about how they would behave and respond. Many famous people have myths, lies and romanticized stories of their existence they themselves would and have denied. Humans have a weird tendency to obsess. They like to have someone to look up to. In many ways, it acts like a distraction but also an influence—a role-model. Just like children needing a role-model. We use Jesus's wisdom, love, guidance, and support to model love based behavior. A guidebook to life when we are confused, lost and scared.

Is Jesus amazing? Yes! He was a highly evolved soul who has completed the mission of Earth but continued to return in different forms to assist the collective in their evolution. He is now considered an Ascended Master at soul level and someone who continues to teach and guide humanity with the wisdom he has learned through his incarnations and completion of Earth. He was a kind, compassionate leader and teacher. He was a loving and gentle soul. He could see beyond the hatred that tainted so much of humanity, and therefore his story was so important for those struggling for hope and guidance. But as amazing as he is/was, he was still only human. Like the rest of us.

Why is this so important? Because unless you see Jesus as relatable, you will never realize your full potential to be like him. In this way, you can understand how the “illusion of separation” actually keeps us limited—scared of embracing our power—scared of owning our divinity and comparing ourselves to the unrealistic standards created by this illusion of separation. We cannot achieve what we believe is unobtainable, or “godly”. We cannot walk on water because that was never actually done. It was a symbolic story to explain how Jesus put aside all fear to assist those who were drowning in their own trauma. We cannot turn water into wine. It was symbolic to represent how we all have the power to make the most out of a problematic situation and alchemize energy for self and others. He did not make fish and bread out of thin air. He instead realized there was plenty for everyone and helped distribute that plenty equally among the people. He was showing compassion for the hungry and how compassion and action was all we needed to solve the issue of starvation, not actually needing anything more then what was already available.

We are all capable of this. We are all just as worthy. The trick is recognizing that.

Copyright protected Jessenia Nozzolillo 2021

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