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Is the healing working?

By Jessenia Nozzolillo

Is the healing working?

So many times, people come to me feeling “stuck.” They believe they’ve recognized the pattern and done the work. But, they don’t see results. Why?

Most of the time, people find their patterns and try to reject them, repress them, ignore them, drown them. They shove the “unfavorable” behaviors and actions deep, repressing them and acting on them less. But, when things get hard, they find themselves reverting to that behavior/mindset/pattern explosively! If you are stuck in this pattern, you will feel yourself getting more depressed and ill as you dig deeper. You may even see yourself loosing passion in things that once inspired you and made you smile. Some people even feel less like themselves and less able to understand or connect to one another. They can become irritable and explosive. Lost and confused. Drained and dependent on others to manage a normal day.

If the pattern, memories, emotions of pain ARE STILL SURFACING, then there is still work to do. There should be no pain or negative side effect to the painful memories and tapes. We do not accomplish this through repression. We can only achieve this by feeling it through. When did this begin? What’s the lesson? Is there a purpose in it? What did I learn? What can I leave behind? Do I recognize the continuation of the generational pattern and trauma? What behavioral patterns have I continued from this pain? How will I TAKE ACTION to change those behavioral patterns? How will I be my salvation and walk away from this pattern for good? What parts of me need reintegration, compassion, love, and forgiveness.

Following the pattern until it stops coming up! Trauma is a deeply layered process. We will find that one incident affected us in many, many ways! So each layer will get triggered and cleared when your higher-self believes you are ready to face it. Astrology is a big assistant in shadow work as it can also pull up themed lessons for introspection and repair. Pay attention to the retrograde and moon cycle, as it will help guide you to what topics are appropriate to pull up.

When the work is done PROPERLY, you feel better. Your health improves in all aspects. Mental, emotional, physical, spiritual! When you are better, you remove the blocks left to manifest the perfect life for you. When the lessons are complete, you will feel the rewards of your hard work.

Spiritual healing REQUIRES WE TAKE ACTION for change. It is not all mental or energetic. We must act on and reprogram the behavioral patterns to clear them.

Soul work is infinite. It never goes away! So yes, it may feel like a lot of work. But it is the only work worth the time as it will change your soul and ALL LIVES. Past present and future. Our families, loved ones and self deserve the best version of us!

Copyright Protected Jessenia Nozzolillo 2021

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