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“In an infinite experience, why would we choose the same soul over and over again?”

By Jessenia Nozzolillo

Why do we choose the same partners and people over and over again?

This was a question that was brought to my attention recently.

Although I had already understood many of these elements through client's and Akashic Records, I'm positive there is more to learn.

The first reason being our souls are similar to onions in the sense that we layer experiences over one another, which leail to evolution in conscious thinking by continuing with the same lesson, allowing it to become more and more developed overtime.

Also, the people we incarnate with usually have karmic debts with us that we come back to repair, heal, and clear.

The deeper the wounds are, the greater the love in the wound is after that wound has been alchemized. Experiences aren’t always positive at first. With intense love comes deep wounds. But the only thing strong enough to heal all wounds is love. So although the experience might feel negative in the end, it only brings us to a deeper understanding of love.

Soul recall and memory backup! If you have had 300 lives with someone, crossing their path in a destined union has the ability to surface the knowledge, experiences, and awareness of those lives, feeling like a quantum leap in evolutionn. This doesn’t come without consequences. This also means pulling up all of the trauma you experience together, which takes a lot of self-control to master and heal.

I considered a new understanding to this because of a funny conversation I was having with my child…

They were bragging about a “super expensive hoody” that is their favorite. It wasn't expensive. It's just that they bought it with their hard-earned money. They worked for it and saved up, then chose where they wanted to spend it. They invested their time, energy, and feelings into the hoody, so it meant more to them. It’s their favorite, and they hold it in higher regard than the hoodies that cost more sitting in their closet, unused.

This might sound silly, but hear me out. It shows us the value of working for things and how much more we value the things we took time to earn, like our repeated relationships!

There is a reason we come back to the same people life after life after life. We’ve put so much energy and effort in to the relationship that it has more value to us than anything else. The things we have worked hard to earn are rooted in deep sacrifices, energy exchange, time, effort, and growth. Our growth is tied to the experience, and our desire to hold it in higher regard because of the work we put into it makes it feel more valuable to us.

Copyright ©️ Protected Jessenia Nozzolillo 2022

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