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How do we digest trauma through the chakras?

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

🤍 The Crown Chakra: “I remember.” We start the healing process by first acknowledging the issue exists. We cannot heal what we don’t recognize as a trauma.

💜 The Third Eye Chakra: “I see the path to healing.” After we acknowledge the issue, we look for a process of healing. How can I make this work for me? Have I learned anything? Which aspects do I wish to keep, and which do I want to release? For example, an abusive relationship might have given you a child you love and adore. I understand this relationship was necessary to create my blessing. I am thankful for my blessing, but I’m happy to let the trauma go. Maybe that path involves therapy, training, self-care, self-love.

💙 The Throat Chakra: “I speak healing.” What things do you wish that memory heard? You are loved. Things will get better. We are doing well in the future. Things work out great—we getaway. We heal. We make changes. You are not a mistake.

💚 The Heart Chakra: “I forgive MYSELF and others.” Forgiveness IS NOT a tool of abuse. We do not forgive and allow others to continue abusing us. Forgiveness simply means “I don’t want to live in this trauma anymore, so I am cutting myself free from the memory and moving on and never looking back. Our abuser can continue to feed off our suffering until we release ourselves from the pattern. Forgiveness of self means recognizing the decisions, self-limiting beliefs, and traumas that led you to this path. We’re you set sabotaging? Repeating old patterns from

Childhood? Putting your life in danger? Not valuing your safety or life, looking for approval in all the wrong places? Do not skip this part. Refusing to see the reason why you pulled in and attracted the trauma means you will repeat the pattern.

💛 The Solar Plexus: “I am the change I wish to see.” If you are tired of people treating you portly, then show them how you should be treated. We will only let people treat us as poorly as we treat ourselves. Are you eating well, taking care of your body, respecting your own boundaries? Are you compassionate to yourself? Lead by example.

🧡 The Sacral Chakra: “I create Change.” We have recognized the issue and moved forward, but what In our lives needs shifting. This is a place where we are looking for all the micro behaviors and connections to that trauma. Did the trauma create small actions and beliefs that I have yet to associate with? For example, still, feeling unworthy, disconnected from your sexuality, feeling unlovable? Recognize all the aspects and transmute them. Change the composition. Rewrite your story.

❤️ The Root Chakra: “ I release that which obstructs my healing.” the last piece is letting go. Earth is a powerful and natural transmuter of negative energy. Send the trauma away. Push it through the root chakra. Let Earth transmute that into a powerful gift of healing. It is no longer yours to carry.

The mantra: “I release that which obstructs my healing, goals, and change to Earth for filtration and transmutation. I plant the intentions for healing and growth. This story is mine to write.”

Copyright protected Jessenia Nozzolillo 2020

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