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How are Gifts Blocked by Trauma?

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

To see all, you must be willing to see the good and the bad.

Everyone on Earth has gifts. They have spiritual gifts meant to help them align with their soul and others. These gifts express themselves through our careers, hobbies, characteristics, and personality. Most people don’t have access to these gifts because they have too much trauma limiting their energy. Currently, incarnated beings on Earth have about 300 lives under their belt. That’s 300 opportunities for trauma in one of the most challenging incarnations known to spirit. So yes, we have lots of trauma. That trauma can cause tears and rips in our auric field; this creates energy leaks. These leaks are like running on low fuel. In this state, we are just trying to get by, and because we can’t fund and fuel gifts.

That’s an energetic limitation. But how do your traumas mentally and emotionally limit gifts? If we feel like we hurt someone because we were out of control and too powerful, we may have self-sabotaging behavior that makes it impossible to step into our power once again. If we are carrying a slave program from a life of slavery, we may be functioning in sacrifice, which means our gifts will never develop because everybody else’s energy comes first. Sacrifice is a self-sabotaging program of energetic starvation. We give, never making sure we first fill our well. This means we never have too much power, which means we stay limited. These are just a couple of the millions of programs I’ve found in clients limiting their energy, healing, and gifts.

If you had 300 lives, it also means you died 300 times. Chances are not all 300 of those deaths were peaceful. These traumatic memories can make it feel impossible for us to retrieve and heal this life on our own because we are simply too scared to revisit that kind of trauma. It is a natural human instinct to avoid death, even if it’s distance viewing. Your soul remembers and doesn’t want to go back. These traumas usually come with hidden memories of the incident. As a response to the incident, we may “encase” very traumatic memories into box-like structures so that we don’t accidentally cross the trauma in thought or meditation. Our soul database looks like a cloud of memories. This cloud becomes highly obstructed and limited if it’s filled with blocking box-like structures hiding memories we refuse to face. This is not common. But if you watched your family be skinned alive before being skinned yourself, then you would likely block the horror for self-preservation and never want to revisit the life again, understandably.

Now imagine someone who cannot see their shadows, weaknesses, failures. Someone who thinks they were never wrong and never made a mistake. That is 100% unreasonable. We are human. The definition of human lies in the idea that we learn through experience, and that means we trip, fail, make dumb decisions UNTIL WE LEARN BETTER and grow. But someone who REFUSES to see and face their failures doesn’t magically become better; they just blind themselves to half of their reality. Half of their identity and existence. This isn’t inspired by arrogance. It’s inspired by pure fear. People who cannot gather the courage to face their shadow, avoid it because they are fully aware of the secrets that lie there and are hoping that if they don’t address them, then they will never have to admit the horrific reality, guilt, pain, suffering and negativity that lies right beneath the surface of their false is a survival mechanism to blame others and avoid facing their own faults because their faults could crush them.

Past life clearing isn’t just about finding out if your crush liked you, or if you were “important” in a past life. It’s about healing all these fragments of yourself you left behind in traumatic events so that you may reclaim your power and own your divinity. Heal. Repair. Love yourself once again and function in your soul's full expression. That is a process I call soul reintegration. Moving through one's trauma and finding those lost pieces of self.

A block to vision is a block to all vision. This also includes gifts. If we are functioning in this limitation and afraid of facing our fears, looking within and facing that shadow self out gifts stay limited, and our vision narrows. In this way, I hope you see how easy it is to block gifts in trauma.

To work through your past life traumas and amplify gifts, check out the Akashic Report sessions.

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