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Good or Bad: The Public Education System

By Jessenia Nozzolillo

Put yourself in her shoes. She is 5, she has suffered brain trauma and that alters her motor skills. It’s difficult for her to use her hands and participate in physical activities. Her teacher notices this and takes note. It’s the beginning of her self-esteem issues. “What is wrong with me? Why can’t I work like them? Why can’t I follow simple directions? What am I not understanding? Why am I getting marked up?” The teacher puts her down making comments about her inability to be fast, her messy words, her struggle with reversed numbers. The teacher sees a “uninspired child” who is being “difficult,” “not following directions,” and “falling behind.” A child who is quickly becoming a burden. The teacher has 25 children in the room, and 10 of them are struggling with something — energetically, behaviorally or cognitively that disrupts their ability to take in new information in the same way other children do. She becomes frustrated, overwhelmed and stressed. She has a job. That job is education. She is overworked and undervalued, underfunded, and starts developing a herding system to get her job done in a world not designed for healthy educational practices.

She begins a reward system, and a system of punishment. If you don’t do your work in time, you’ll sit out for recess. If you can’t read, we will pull you out of the classroom and place you into “special groups” and make you feel segregated. Can’t tie your shoes? You will be the only child, disability or not, kept from the success board. When you “misbehave” I will not ask about your home life, your pain, or your stress. I will not acknowledge and see you as a tiny, innocent, beautiful expression of your environment — I am too stressed for that. Instead, I will mark you red on the board to humiliate you so you will feel shame for your pain and behavior. You are a people pleaser? Great. You will thrive here and get plenty of admiration and gifts. Just don’t mess up. Don’t fail. Don’t struggle. Don’t miss a day or an assignment.

The backbone of the public education system is based on the concept of herding children into knowledge with shame and punishment. This begins as early as preschool. Many developmental delays and disabilities aren’t visible and measurable until the child has shown resistance to active education. Meaning, we sometimes sit in the public school system for years and years being degraded for our disability instead of understood. Eventually, if and when the diagnosis is presented, we can create an education system for that child based on their disability which may help them thrive. But by this time, their self esteem and psychological blocks are prevalent in their lives, taking over most of their time by continuing to feed the “I am broken, I can’t do this, I am bad, I am a failure” mindset.

Most of us never considered how this affects our children or the families with disabled children, because we don’t see it firsthand. We are busy working, overwhelmed with our own responsibilities and traumas.

And I’m not one to surface a problem without a solution so let’s talk about how we might resolve this process through public education reform. First, if we are to be an “evolved society” then we should absolutely be prioritizing educational advancements and medical coverage for all of our residents. Period. I once read that “the cure for cancer is locked in an uneducated mind,” (or something of that nature) and it made me realize if the goal was evolution, we would prioritize education because we would unlock the greatest minds in the world! We would openly educate people so that they may have the basic skills to evaluate life, be successful, account for their own money and finances, question old belief patterns and theorize new opportunities for the advancement of humanity.

But then it brought me to the realization that we have never had that as a country. Ever. Why? Who benefits off the naive, uneducated, fear driven human? Is that freedom? Or are we participating in an abuse pattern we were too groomed into to expose?

Now, I have people say, "Jessenia, how will they know better? How will they know they are wrong? How will we make them behave? How will they understand the consequences of their actions?” Here’s a wild concept, but stick with me. We teach them! How do you learn a new skill? You are trained into it! You sign an agreement to comply to the job’s requirements. You are told what the expectations should be. When you fail, you cannot be beaten, humiliated and shamed! You must be spoken to in a respectful manner with Human Resources present to protect your human rights. You are given a clear and equal consequence that relates to the behavior, like missing pay for work missed, picking up extra hours, getting written up PRIVATELY to show seriousness and accountability, and to make sure the consequences of your unfavorable behavior are logged for YOUR SAFETY. Even better, if a pattern is reoccurring, a strong and healthy management team will prepare a group training or exercise to make sure the concept is clear! Now, there are plenty of jobs that don’t always follow through on this. There are plenty of jobs that get away with abusive behavior! Why do we let them even if most of us are protected by law? Because we are the people pleasers and shame driven children the public school system created.

Let’s tie this into the evolution of the human mind, shall we? How are we continuing to suppress the evolution of the human mind with this archaic system? Let me use the neurodivergent spectrum, specifically ADHD as an example.

I have read many clients with this diagnosis, sometimes seeing it before they even knew they had it, leading to further research and interventional professional diagnosis. What humans see and attempt to treat is someone who cannot concentrate and struggles with productivity. They see someone who can’t remember lists, directions, days of the week. Someone who struggles with self control and educational absorption because the pieces for the lesson were lost in their distraction. They see someone who has a hard time managing life and someone who is difficult to control. The usual “solution” is medication. We numb the mind allowing the individual to move slower, mentally focusing on one concept at a time. This means they can learn in a herd environment. But, like most of the other prescriptions on the market, there are several consequences to these medications! Some of these being psychosis, mental deterioration, depression, suicidal ideology and more! Please note I am not making any medical claims or asking anyone to stop listening to their doctor. I am not a licensed doctor and am not asking anyone to change their medical treatment plan! That would be very dangerous. I am just discussing the common “go-to” for this specific issue as presented to me by many families. The evidence is just a simple Google search away. Please, make sure you are being advised by a doctor or licensed professional.

This awareness I will be sharing below, much like all of my other stories, came from channeled information I received working with a client. Spirit pointed out she had neurodivergent programming. Being in her 50’s, this was brand new information to her. I suggested she speak to a professional and figure out what that means for her. She did! She began doing her own research around it, realizing she was really now just starting to understand her life and mind better than ever before. She was different!

Now the goal became tapping back in to better understand why she was programmed this way and what to do with it! Spirit told us a couple of awesome things. First of all that this was a genetic condition, passed down through DNA to support the evolution of humanity! Amazing! Spirit explained to me that the human mind is two dimensional. The mind is also self-preserving. So these observations leading into linear programming are based on our survival vantage point. What did we see, hear, know and experience here that needs to remain in the mind as self-preserving? The issue with this is it can be very self-centered and lack compassion for others. A clear issue on Earth! It absorbs and takes in information in a very linear form. Much like computer programming, a series of ones in the zeros creates a story that can be perceived as millions of things externally. There is a singular timeline of events — beginning, middle, and end. Birth and death. The fifth dimensional database does not function this way. Messages, memories, moments, experiences are all stored in existence — simply being. We have access to them at will when the opportunity arises, floating about our energetic body in our chakra structure and organized by frequency, not by time. This is more like accessing data from the cloud versus your internal storage system.

The common and clear issue here on Earth being the fifth dimensional experience forced into a two dimensional system often creates “hiccups” in the understanding of cosmic reality. Those hiccups are categories as many different kinds of mental illnesses in the human form, the most common one being schizophrenia! The inability to control the understanding and integration of the fifth dimensional experience through the fragile mind, blurring lines of reality!

How do we remedy that? We allow the new programming to take place. We understand the differences in the thought process and allow it. We make sense of the goals and take the time to evolve our teaching practices. We work with the fifth dimensional mind that is created to absorb lots of information at once and needs to be active and responsive to its environment. We manage the side effects of the programming and allow for the positive experiences to surface and be displayed. We allow that hyper-observant mind to absorb multiple realities, situations, and concepts at once, not treating it like a disability what is the miraculous evolution of the mind! We move out of limiting shame based concepts like “good” and “bad” and into curated educational experiences made to work with children as they are versus herding them into a system not made for their evolution, well-being, and health. We actively EVOLVE the educational system and stop allowing shame, limitation, and fear to raise our children.

Copyright Protected Jessenia Nozzolillo 2022

*Note I am not a doctor or claiming to be one.

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I agree that the current educational system is designed to reach a majority who can produce the output requested without additional support and that those who can not suffer with self esteem and feelings of inadequacy. Many spiral for years because of it.

What I find disconcerting is the lack of education among teachers given the task of accommodating different learning styles and the inability or lack of desire to design a learning experience that suits all types of learners.

There is plenty of research and practical experience to achieve this which not only benefits the student but reduces the strain on the teacher. I personally think this doesn't happen more due to an ingrained sense of what constitutes showing…

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