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Gifts & Ego

by Jessenia Nozzolillo

The ego in gifts is probably the most dangerous side-effect of the awakening process. Let me explain…

We all have gifts! Thinking you are greater than, or more important than, more powerful than another is not a gift. It is your ego.

People make these comments to me all the time. These are quoted comments I got just this week!

“Things are easier for you because you hear spirit so you can heal faster.”

“You must be more gifted than others.”

“Your gifts are elevated.”

“You have probably maxed your gifts.”

“You are so down to Earth and human. I didn’t expect that.”

The answer is NO. There are millions of people around the world who can hear spirit. The difference is I did all of the hard the work they told me to do. I took direction and action and followed directions. I had faith. It was not easy. It required aggressive amounts of work daily to heal enough to create a clearer channel to spirit, and the guidance they gave me is the guidance I share. This means no one really has any “upper hand” regarding healing and, therefore, connection. Ego would have meant I kept that to myself, seeing how amazing the results were in my connection. Heart says we all deserve healing.

Secondly, comparison will always lead to failure. We are not the same. No individual was made like any other. Comparing yourself to anyone else is like comparing a Daffodil to a Lilly. They are not the same and will never be the same. It is a cruel trick on the mind and self-esteem. Because of this, I simply never compare myself to anyone else. I just try to be a better version of myself because that is the only achievable goal. Never to be more like anyone else or compare myself to anyone.

Gifts are just gifts. The definition of a gift is an energy processing channel made to serve the collective. And they are constantly growing! I get new upgrades and activations regularly, last night, in fact! Doing the work, practicing, and using your gifts means they will continue to get stronger. We all have that ability, and I am always still growing. There is no end, so there is no scale. There is no “max ability” and no “elevated experience” because we will always be evolving so the way we process energy continues to evolve. We must just keep putting in the effort if we want growth. I have had plenty of lives where I didn't listen, didn't use my gifts, didn't have faith and follow through. I've had plenty of “normal” lives. There is no elaborate tool or process we need when we have mastered our gifts. It is simply a conversation with spirit.

What is gift mastery if we are always evolving? Gift mastery would simply mean developing enough self-control over your birth plan pre-existing gift structure. This means is no longer negatively taking from you and your experience here but also continuing to expand. Like understanding the blue print you were born with, and then adding to that blue print with practice and continued expansion. So even mastery will look different for each person. I have mastered the gifts I was born with and am now adding to them.

I am human. Being human is a privilege I didn’t know how to enjoy before mastering my gifts. I could not sit in a room, enjoy the company of others, or go to busy or emotional places. I was not able to shut my gifts off and just be! Gift control means we choose what we see when we see it, and it means we have more fun with the human experience. So yes, I do not need to read everything, act strange, or do anything elaborate to connect. When I want to join, I flip the switch and do my work. At that point, I am not here. I am somewhere else and look like a skin suit walking around while I internally scan my environment, work and have conversations with spirit scanning history of the building or land. sometimes I take in so much habit takes time to settle the story evaluating all of the pieces and information that came through. Control allows us to walk in and out of these intense states of reception. Being “on” all the time is not safe. It would be very distracting from life. Living is also a very important part of this experience, something we are also here to enjoy. We do have goals here outside of gift use, after all!

Copyright ©️ Protected Jessenia Nozzolillo 2022

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