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Gift Pirating

By Jessenia Nozzolillo

What Is Gift Pirating?

This has now come up two times in my work while reading my clients’ gifts.

Gift pirating is a gift misuse. It’s the mastery of Extrasensory mixed with a powerful Witch gift structure, whether that’s Witch or High Priestess. To understand how this misuse occurs, let’s understand the gifts better.

Extrasensory is an activation of the “Clairs.“ Theses are listed below.

Clairaudience, clear hearing

Clairsentience, clear feeling.

Clairalience, clear smelling.

Clairgustance, clear tasting.

Claircognizance, clear knowing.

The activation of these is a PROGRESSION of the Empath gift structure. We call this evolution EXTRASENSORY GIFTS, it simply means all of your human senses are heightened beyond human scope.

The Witch and High Priestess gifts function by pulling or conjuring energy from their environment. It’s the only gift that does not require direct funding from source. They can take from the environment and alchemize or use the energy to fuel whatever energetic process that they desire. This doesn’t mean that their actions are without karmic consequence though!

If improperly trained, these gifts might develop in self destructive ways. Our gifts will only amplify while we are using them appropriately. Appropriate use means energetic efficiency. For example, I could flood the house to water a plant, or I could just pour less water on the plant. Using gifts without control and awareness or focus on what they actually are, is very similar to flooding the house hoping to water one plant. There is an abundance of wasted energy.

In this uncontrolled hyper sensitive manner, an Extrasensory Witch or High Priestess might pick up someone else’s gift structure and see/hear/feel/smell and know whatever they are interpreting or digesting. If you don’t know what your gifts are, you might confuse this as your own gift and continue to pirate gifts. What you are essentially doing is parasitically puppeteering someone else’s gift!

This action might seem incredibly amazing, and it truly is! But there are severe consequences with intentionally doing something like this. Grand Council will immediately mute your gift structure because it breaks universal law, the universal law of free will.

We at no time have any permission to take over the energy of another being, it infringes on their free will, puts them and us in danger, and will never be ok or allowed by Council.

The gifts are muted and now the person is living in the delusion of their gift rather than knowing their power outside of pirating.

The positive use of this is at some point you might be able to feel someone’s gift structure for the purpose of helping them develop it appropriately. But this is only useful if you yourself have mastered the gift at hand. This is what I use to help train and see how others use their gifts!

How would we avoid gift pirating unintentionally? By first knowing and then mastering our gifts.

Copyright Protected Jessenia Nozzolillo 2022

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