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I am Puerto Rican. My parents were born in PR, and I find a lot of pride in my heritage. Spanish was my first language; I learned English when I started public schools in the New England area.

When I was 13 years old, I started to slowly uncover some truly dark stories of my family and our past. Incest, rape, abuse, alcoholism, addiction, prostitution, human trafficking… you name it. These people had experienced it all. Slowly but surely, I was also repeating the patterns in my own life. It didn’t matter that it was 6 generations or 1. It didn’t matter that I was 1,000 miles away. It didn’t matter that the stories were kept from me. Somehow, I repeated them. As if they were embedded in my genealogy, and it felt like a curse. I remember looking for a “beginning” or point of origins with my own pain wondering when, where, and how this did pattern begin. How could so many people suffer such great pain?

The answer didn’t come until I started understanding the soul and past lives. We are usually our own ancestors. We carry the pain and karmic debts of our decisions in our genealogy and energy until we can clear it. Bring peace to the pain. This might sound like a wild concept to some people, given we are still learning to clear trauma in this life. Never mind others… most of us are so overwhelmed with the emotions of this experience that we stay entirely disconnected to the idea that there is even more. Those who have the strength to visit the shadows of their past, AND FREE THEMSELVES, are what we now call generational curse breakers. Rompemos las cadenas y nos liberamos (we break the chains and free ourselves).

Many times we look at our parents and stop our search there, blaming them for the ways they fell short in our upraising, not realizing they are simply a small link in the chain and they are doing their best to manage things much deeper than their conscious awareness.

My first past life journey happened abruptly. I hurt my lower back, and using a heating pad and hot bath; I accidentally surfaced a traumatic past life. I went into visions and relived my worst moments, then came back to this experience to “clear it.” Not really aware of what I did, but knowing more had to be done, I scheduled a past life regression with a PLR therapist that was highly suggested. During this session, we found out I had the ability to access akashic records and dug through more lives. After that, I was determined to keep clearing and healing these lost fragments trusting my own guidance as my gifts kept amplifying after every healing.

In one of those lives, I was taken back to the island of Puerto Rico. They had very little enemies here at this time, a peaceful, loving place of spiritual beings. Connected to Earth and to the magic all around them, they had no reason not to trust the divinity of the universe. We were shamans, dreamers, healers, communities of artists, herbalists, storytellers, and lovers. A beautiful way to live and be. Peaceful and untainted in many ways, until the lands were “discovered” by light-skinned men searching for gold, riches, and fame.

They met the defenseless people of the Caribbean and traded the beauty of their ways to appease their own egos. Glory. Glory is all they could think of. With that mentality, the islanders were rapped, abused, enslaved, violently murdered, trafficked, and the land stripped of any value it may have had. Villiage sand crops were destroyed. Centuries of progress vanished.

We are now really just uncovering the absolute horror that occurred during these “discoveries,” but it is rare for one to go further and recognize that the incident in question wasn’t the worst part. What happened to the survivors?

How would you behave if you saw your parents be brutally raped and murdered or trafficked for material gains and glory? Most of us didn’t respond very well, understandably so. Most of us repeated what we knew. “Going back to our old ways” wasn’t really an option for many of the survivors of this horrible time in history. They instead continued the abuse sharing their pain because they didn’t have the psychological tools to properly heal and release the pain they endured. They instead handed it down to their children and grandchildren, raping, abusing, and destroying. What we do not heal will repeat.

A thousand miles, many generations, so many attempts, so many efforts, so much time passed, yet I find myself carrying the pain from one man's actions after all of this time. The weight of thousands who suffered lands on us even today.

How do we free them?

We hear their story. We acknowledge their pain. And we forgive them for the decisions they made that stemmed from that pain. But that’s not all! In order to fully release ourselves, WE MUST MAKE DIFFERENT DECISIONS. WE MUST NOT REACT FROM PAIN BUT IN PURPOSE.

They may have not had the tools to manage their pain back then, but we do now, and we are no longer allowing people to make us victims. We are the chain breakers.

Copyright ©️ Protected Jessenia Nozzolillo 2021

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1 comentario

Barbara H
Barbara H
12 oct 2021

This was beautiful ! Thank you !! It certainly isn't a job for the faint of heart , but with the lve and guidance of our ancestors we will heal. Ourselves and all those before us. The pain stops here !!

Me gusta
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