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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

By Jessenia Nozzolillo

Energy Update- Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 11/8/2022

Let me start this by saying I don’t necessarily read astrology. I read energy and channel messages from my higher-self and Spirit team. Like everything else, I’m “self-taught,” by that I mean my teachers aren't living, they are Spirit. Astrology didn’t really resonate for me as a singular modality because I found it limiting. It often gets so stuck on the older systems of other's interpretations and general understanding of energy. I like very specific messages and conversation based on other elements like numerology, cosmic shifts, Akashic life planning, personal lesson, and blocks. And do not get me wrong, I know plenty of great astrologers who use their other gifts to get more specific and personalize the messages. It's important to note the whole cosmic story of our current existence is a massive collection of information, and astrology is just one very powerful piece of the puzzle.

Additionally, with the surfacing of the Scorpio New Moon partial solar eclipse rocking the collective, I felt left out that my world wasn’t turned upside down! Then Spirit said, “Look at your year, Jessenia. Because you are tapped in, we have been able to guide you through the work all year so that it didn’t ruin you in a 3-day window.” I found this to be very powerful and important knowledge because I didn’t realize that we could prepare for astrological shifts that far in advance! Most astrologists I know talk about the shifts in relation to the now and not necessarily how to prepare for the shifts coming more than a few days out. Most, not all… I know many really intuitive and gifted astrologers that use all their gifts to complete the story that is our current energy.

When it comes to eclipse energy specifically, it feels unpredictable and chaotic. It exposes the shadow like a sonic wave to the depths of whatever aspects are being surfaced. In regard to Scorpio New Moon partial solar eclipse, it was the shadow of desire, ripping up everything that obstructed your desires, stirring up all the gunk at the bottom of the ocean that blocked you from receiving what was essentially destined for you. And with it surfaced a powerful clarity about our destined futures.

There has always been enough. What blocks us from receiving is our belief that we are unworthy and our behaviors that obstruct that worthiness.

I also have noticed that astrology tells a story that what we are working on continues into the next phase of healing and evolution. Taurus energy is sensual, dedicated, strong, sure, grounded, material, physical, and can also be stubborn. Stubborn energy makes a powerful foundation for those destined futures and goals. Eclipse energy says, “We catastrophically release everything that doesn’t support the foundation of our future.” And the Taurus full moon works to amplify the manifestation of all things physically intended for you.

There were other key transits in all of this that helped support this message. As I mentioned, it's like an energetic story, and the sky speaks to share with us what we should focus on. One of those important factors being that this is all taking place in Scorpio season, the season of self-transformation, death, and rebirth.

This is incredibly general. Each sign is affected differently, and each person has different life themes and patterns that may surface here. Still overall, it’s your ability to know your worth and open yourself up to receiving it.

I would not charge moon water or crystals under this eclipse energy. Moon water is usually used to manifest something specific. Eclipse energy is unpredictable and wild. That’s not necessarily great for manifestation in later spells or energy work. It's not necessarily here to surface what we want, more like shake up what we think we want, exposing desires and grounding what is destined.

Journaling exercise: I recommend using your North Node to interpret your life's mission here and then journal around the blocks you have to receiving and being in alignment with the theme of your North Node story. Consider the patterns or blocks that surface during the Scorpio New Moon and journal how they stopped you from receiving and what they were keeping away. This exposes desire vs. the actual physical plan and how we are going to take action during Sagittarius season. Consider how that story might now be ready to come into reality. Write out a logical action plan and visual for the manifestation of those goals. Let the Taurus Moon stubbornly press that into existence but also expect the eclipse energy to make the transfer complicated, expecting the unexpected while the remaining blocks make themselves known to fall away thanks to the eclipse.

Also, keep in mind that sometimes what we think we want is the problem to receiving what is divinely ours and destined. This whole astrological story is allowing us to consider the difference between those two realities.

Additionally, consider how you can love yourself more, respect yourself more, and self-nurture! This Full Moon really takes us into all things physical, which means the relationship we have with Earth and our bodies.

11 = destined paths aligning. “The time is now.”

8 = power, presence, material wealth and long-term security.

2022/6 = universal reflection of the divine partnerships, relationships, and agreements with ourselves and others.

I hope you find this helpful! If you did, like, share, and tag friends who might need this.

Copyright protected Jessenia Nozzolillo 2022

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