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Full Moon in Leo

By Jessenia Nozzolillo

This Leo full moon is all about evolution, change, courage, and forward movement into purpose. It’s asking you to evaluate all the ways you are standing in the way of the things you’ve been asking for. A mirror 🪞 into what’s stopping you from obtaining your greatest desires. It isn’t pretty, as truth can be difficult to face — but also a necessary part of growth.

Full moons are usually a time to harvest the rewards of the hard work. But this full moon reminds us that the universe is never lacking, scarce or without. What makes us believe that we aren't worthy of receiving is the pain, trauma loops, behaviors and actions we take every single day. The block, is us. Open your hands and heart. Make yourself aware of the things the universe has been trying to give you all along because you are and have always been WORTHY.

The universe doesn’t run out of love and abundance. How are you getting in your own way?

A quick Shadow Work guide

If you feel… then —>

Jealousy—> Why am I not giving myself the time and devotion to be the kind of person I admire?

Anger —> Where am I lacking compassion for myself and others?

Shame —> Where have I been avoiding communication?

Resentment —> Where have I been lacking boundaries?

Loneliness —> Where have I been pushing people away?

Unmotivated/stagnant—> What am I afraid of facing or where do I need more clarity?

Judged—> Where am I carrying those judgments in my own subconscious programming?

Blame—> How and what can I control about me and my life at this very moment?

Betrayed—> How have I betrayed myself?

Critical—> What am I avoiding facing about me or my life?

You are your greatest project and accomplishment.

copyright protected Jessenia Nozzolillo, 2023

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