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Fuck around. Find out.


by Jessenia Nozzolillo

My inbox is full of people having cycle completions with life long lessons surfacing in pretty disruptive ways. They have not been following through with their list of spiritual “to do’s” that would have allowed them to walk into a path truly aligned for their soul’s purpose, healing and evolution — the back up of this avoidance pattern that took place all year now coming back to crash their world. This is not a punishment. It's a taste of what life looks like if you continue this stubborn insistence on living the same, but expecting change.

Remember my story about driving the car into a ditch last month? Let me plug that back in, right here.

Sometimes the shit you think was sent to destroy you is actually preparing or saving you from something much more dangerous!

The other day, I accidentally drove the car into a ditch. Nothing happened to the car. Everyone was unharmed — no scratches, bumps, or bruises on anyone.

At the time, I was pretty humiliated. I really couldn’t believe I didn’t “see it” coming and didn’t avoid it. I don’t even really know how I got in the ditch! My vision “blinked” (which sometimes happens during powerful celestial events where I leap into the future) and then the car was in the ditch.

I felt like a bad mom, a failure, I thought “Really?! Could this week be any worse?” People drove by. I was embarrassed. I didn’t know what to do. The kids were crying because they were scared. I tried to get the car out and couldn't.

Eventually a nice man suggested I just call the insurance company and get it towed out. A nice women (who happens to be my neighbor) entertained the kids right next to me while I figured things out. A friend drove in for moral support. I made jokes about the situation and the tow truck arrived and pulled the car out in 2 minutes. The car was perfectly fine, and I drove it home.

At home that night I realized how sweet it was to have so many loving supportive connections and was so thankful no one was harmed and everyone was safely sleeping in their beds.

The kids usually scream in the car. They fight and argue even though it’s a 3 row vehicle, yet they still can't stand they are “touching.” My smallest had thrown a soccer ball back to the third row hitting his sister in the face. A fight exploded and before I knew it we were all in a ditch.

I’ve told them to stop fighting. I’ve explained the dangers of throwing things. I’ve set reasonable consequences for their inappropriate behaviors. But they are kids. Kids don't always listen or understand things they haven't experienced firsthand.

Now, THEY LISTEN! Now, every time they start up I say, “What happens when kids distract the driver?” They answer, “We end up in a ditch…”

This could have been far worse. People could have died and do everyday from car accidents and distracted drivers. They had never been in any kind of accident so they didn’t understand the severity of the warnings.

Sometimes, we go through something that feels scary or difficult. We may think “Could this get any worse?! WHY ME?” But how many of us are able to consider that is actually saving us from something far more tragic? Most of us can’t see the future so we don’t fully understand the message. Imagine if they hadn’t safely learned the lesson? I might not be here writing this post.

Next time you are going through something difficult, remember the challenge has a lesson and that lesson could save you from something much more dangerous. Seek the lesson instead of feeling bad for yourself. Make changes, and keep moving forward.

This is exactly what’s happening right now cosmically.

Spirit is allowing you to see and get a taste of where your actions are leading you and how your decisions are destroying your evolution and your growth, or supporting it! Are you displaced or pleased? Are you thriving or clinging onto whatever you can get your hands on? Are you running into a ditch? If you clearly heard and understood a message and decided “No, that’s not important. That’s not a priority. I don’t have the courage. I am afraid,” then Spirit’s going to shove you into that direction and show you that that was actually the best road for you and everybody else around you. That road is the most abundant, structured and positive road! You wanted that road. All other roads are lesser. You don't want lesser!


The things that you have been praying for, preparing for, working LIFETIMES for are on the other side of the things you refused to face.

Your Spirit team is holding you accountable and listening to your prayers! If you think things are hard now, understand this is just a taste of what is to come if you keep denying yourself growth.

Life doesn’t get easier. We develop the tools to process and digest life more efficiently. That may feel easier in the long run, but it’s not an escape to this thing we call living.

Copyright Protected Jessenia Nozzolillo 2022

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2 comentarios

I laughed when you wrote about your kids mellowing out in the car or they end up in a ditch! I could hear them say it! Sorry you had that happen to you but thank you for the reminder!

Me gusta

Wendy Northcut
Wendy Northcut
20 dic 2022

I had to laugh when I read this story. It took me back to when I was a teenager and I myself ran into a ditch trying to avoid another car.. I was so afraid I was going to rear end them and my Mom would kill me 🤣.. I ended up in a deep ditch with the car still running. I was shaking and inspected the damage 😅. I know I had someone looking out for me because the car right behind me pulled up and it was a truck with a winch and he offered to pull my car out. I was never so grateful! Then another gentleman stopped and took me out for a coffee and…

Me gusta
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