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Free the Divine Feminine

by Jessenia Nozzolillo

Free The Divine Feminine

This year has been overwhelmingly focused on the heart and sacral for me, healing sacrifice patterns, unworthiness, inability to feel safe, and therefore conduct divine energy. It's a huge block in this life because of my raising, abusive relationships, and sexual abuse. Today, on mothers day, spirit shared some beautiful things with me. I have always been a bit more masculine and never realized it was a trauma response. But as I share, I am always learning.

“She danced naked under the moon because it made her feel safe and free. She wanted to remember what it was like to be in all her glory without being attacked, controlled, sexualized, lusted over, and shamed. She wanted only to remember her glorious connection to what is the divine feminine—the ability to simply be purely in love, creation, appreciation, and healing. The world didn't understand her. They wanted to get drunk off her beauty and power. They were drunk off the connection and instead tried to control it. A trauma with the divine feminine is a plague on the world. A freed feminine is the freedom and nurturing of all beings. A trapped, shamed feminine is the declaration of low vibrational existence.

There are so many times this Earth didn't allow her to feel safe in her true divine expression. They rapped her, controlled her, limited her, killed her, abused her, burned her, belittled her… and in that pain, she became strong. She became bitter. The act of being sexualized means her body is no longer a vessel of divinity but instead an object used to get a quick high off her divine essence, something that would be ridiculed, disrespected, or even used for performance. She is not a proformer, she is the expression of the divine mother on Earth. Giver of life. A sacred point of origin. She learned to protect herself, and that is the greatest block. It is not the feminine responsibility to protect herself. It is the divine masculine responsibility to create a world where her full expression is safe, adored, and appreciated. In doing so, she protects and heals the children and beings of Earth. You see, she is a natural giver. A natural healer, a natural teacher, a natural sage and speaks heavily with the seasons, astrology, weather, and spirit. They lead her. She is the portal to life but also the portal to spirit. If and when she feels safe, she can simply be and exist in all her divinity reconnecting Earth with spirit. She feels a natural compassionate vessel of expression deeply. we cannot be defensive and fully loving, so her pain continues to limit her.

Defensive behavior makes us scared to depend on another. Scared to accept. Scared to receive. We believe that our safety is challenged if and when someone gives, but so rarely does she have any strings attached to our giving nature. This creates an illness and disruption in the world where we are not feeding or nurturing one another. If you want to heal the world, make the divine feminine feel safe again. Protect her because she is life itself and she will rise once again.”

None of this Is made to take value from the divine masculine. It I with their support, love and protection that we finally strike balance. That is an incredible responsibility.

Copyright Protected Jessenia Nozzolillo 2022

Art by rebel society the labyrinth the sacred feminine

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