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Fear Isn't Real

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

By Jessenia Nozzolillo

I read somewhere that fear isn't real in Spirit but they couldn't explain why.

Here is why.

It is real. But not in the way we experience fear here on Earth. On Earth, fear can be paralyzing. It will take your happiness, growth, freedoms, health, and loved ones if you let it. In Spirit, there is awareness, reaction, consideration, responsiveness and critical thinking to seeking solutions. Fear simply presents the impending circumstances that eminently result in action and evaluation, not paralysis.

Here on Earth, humans are completely crippled by fear. I have sat with my children FOR HOURS trying to convince them to do something that really should have never been scary. Something like… leaping off one step, feeding a cow hay, using a sparkler, riding a bike without training wheels, using roller skates. None of these are going to kill them, but they were terrified. Why?

Human brains are self-preserving. If they get hurt once, they immediately see EVERYTHING and anything associated with that as a threat. Your brain is essentially storing “hazard” and “risky behavior” for your self-preservation process. Your brain is trying to save you from death. But it’s also your job to tell your brain when and if death isn’t a threat. If you don’t learn to actively participate in the threat response, you might allow that response to rule you, therefore confusing that as intuition. That is not intuition. It’s self-preserving fear based in an illusion that you are in danger.

I had always been afraid of rollercoasters. They terrified me and I avoided them whenever possible. One day, I was at the amusement park with friends. I had already started my spiritual journey and realized that yes, I was scared, but I also wanted to have fun and participate after spending way too much money on a ticket. I waited in line, sat in the chair, buckled up, and panicked. I thought I would have a heart attack right then and there. Then I heard Spirit say, “You are only afraid because your body thinks it’s going to die. You will not die.” That is all it took. My whole body relaxed. I melted into my seat and off we went. The whole experience felt like 2 seconds and I laughed the whole time. It was euphoric. It felt amazing! There were people screaming, crying, throwing up and shaking. I felt like I just got out of some wildly sublime interdimensional spa. Nothing changed, just my mindset.

Healthy risk taking is a sign of a healthy childhood — we leap, jump, play, make mistakes and hurt ourselves so much that the brain sees less as a threat and understands your full limits. Sometimes we experience one scary thing and let that be our limit, never challenging that limit with new observations that lead to expanded limits. Eventually the frontal cortex develops more to stop the risky behavior by using the already set programming of youthful risk to evaluate your limits. If you didn’t play and are now developed, you will likely not see risk.

The more you test this programming the freer you'll feel – the safer you'll feel, the more you are able to control your reactions and self.

Remember, fear will be your greatest cage if you let it rule your decisions. Break the cage. It’s your job to challenge your fear-based programs and beliefs.

Copyright Protected Jessenia Nozzolillo 2023

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