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By Jessenia Nozzolillo

This is a theme that’s been coming up with clients a lot this week as we work to expose our blocks. I thought it was a great subject to discuss here live for anyone else that might be struggling with this.

We cannot “fake it until we make it.” We often try to force false confidence hoping that it’s as easy as yelling your worth from the rooftops, demanding to a partner you are “worth more than this pattern,” and threatening to leave because you “are worthy of better.”

This is false confidence. In no way should you have to dam and behavioral responses from others. Let me explain…

If I am self-conscious about my body, there are actually circumstances and moments in my past where I was convinced through abuse, action or words that this was true. I cannot heal those aggressively screaming at others to see me differently or to interpret my behavior differently. The only way to bring resolution to this issue is to find those moments that convinced me of this pain and then work through them healing anything I can associated with that belief system. The more I heal, the more I respond differently to my body. The more beautiful I naturally feel. When I behave differently, my environment will respond to my new reality.

So please, remember if you are stuck in a pattern, dig deeper. There is no bypassing the healing structure. You cannot fake what isn’t there. You cannot force people to respond differently to you. And if you aren’t getting the results you want, it is because you have not cleared all the layers associated with that belief system.

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