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Etheric Chords

Relationships and chords

This is called an etheric chord. And no I don’t actually recommend it for healthy relationships. Let me explain...

Etheric chords look like a literal hose of energy transference from one person to the next. It can act as a message center, and an energy syphon. But, there are better ways to “tune in” to our loved ones that doesn’t actually drain them and cause them harm. It truly is like having a constant energy swapping. So if you are ill, your etheric chord attachments get ill or feel unwell. If you are angry/irritated/stressed, the same. You shoot every emotion right over to your chord attachment and then they feel and respond to that frequency often never realizing where it’s coming from. So now they are angry and you don’t know why. So you’re both angry and can’t figure out it’s origins. Miscommunication, arguments, stress and friction follows. This is the number one issue with couples or friends and close family members. You are so far into someone’s energy, that they begin loosing their identity and communication skills, fighting about things they can’t explain, feeling things they can’t explain, feeling trapped and out of control. This isn’t good in any way. Eventually (one case was 20+ years deep) you become dependent on each others energy being more parasitic then anything else. Also not healthy and not a place anyone wants to be. So trust me when I say that these chords are meant to be temporary and trust me when I say that they should be cleared regularly to keep relationships and people healthy.

Clearing chords: as for everything, acknowledging they exists is step one to clearing them. I personally like to imagine the blades of water from the shower slicing through the chords and removing them. Constantly checking in on your energy and cleansing your energy makes it harder for negative attachments or etheric chords to linger. Before and after cutting chords please make sure you are well grounded.

Some chords are too strong and may require lots of help. In the case I shared above the people were so tightly bound that they began triggering trauma wounds in each other and the sharing the same energetic body. This was an extreme case that required many sessions as the improper connection caused them both a lot of pain.

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