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Energy Vampires

By Jessenia Nozzolillo



Social media trolls.

How does this all play into your healing process?

So many people are so scared to say how they feel and what they believe because people on social media come in torches blazing, ready to start a riot over any contradicting option they may carry, even though the internet and world are flooded with opinions and varying perspectives. This aggressive, explosive, irrational behavior silences so many sweet souls worldwide and is so unfortunate.

But why? Why do people do this?

Before social media, we had “drama-seeking behavior” to fill the void of energy they weren’t getting elsewhere. What’s this mean? Let me explain…

We are conductors of energy. Physical bodies that retrieve energy through food, spiritual bodies, or souls that retrieve energy through the healthy flow of our chakra systems or energy centers. Above the crown, we have a chakra known as the Bindu Chakra. A “point of origins” chakra where spirit meets Earth and body. This is how our souls feed. This chakra is a hose of energy from our higher self and soul. A proper energetic flow means that connection will fuel and fill all of our major energy centers that follow—crown, third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral, and root, after the root back into Earth, a circle or full circuit. But we aren’t all perfect. Most of us are on our 300-700th life here! That means we are carrying memories/moments of trauma, negative influences, leaks, and tears to our auric field— this results in leaks or low levels of that energy from source. When we are low on that energy, how do we replace it? With “junk food” from our environment. Drama, trolling people on the internet, talking smack about people in your life, abusive language or actions, putting people down to get a small negative response you can quickly feed off and move on. This is what some people have now dubbed “energy vampires.” They have adapted to feeding on people's energy because they have little high vibrational energy from source.

Don’t play.

If people want to eat junk food, that’s fine. We all learn eventually. But how can you keep on your healing journey despite the “trolls”? Don’t play! Don’t let them feed. Walk away. Block them. Move on and live your best life. We need more people living their best lives!


Copyright Protected Jessenia Nozzolillo 2021

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