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Empress and Faith

The Empress

The empress has been my favorite card since I learned about tarot. So many people and readers see her only as fertility. I see mother of all. Healer. Nurturer. Creator. Rebirth. I see fertility of all things. Dreams. Aspirations. Goals. I see limitless potential of the womb. A MASTER creator. Transmuter of negative energy and the beginning of something truly magnificent.

Pray to the Empress. Ask her to transmute your worries. Ask her to keep you secure and safe. Ask her to hold a sacred space for you in these times of rebirth. Ask mother creator to guide you and show you the light. Ask her to deliver hope. But above all know, we are birthing something truly amazing. But, just like child birth, it is terrifying - yet also USUALLY one of the the most tremendous experiences of anyone’s life. The awareness of having purpose far greater then yourself.


Copyright 2020 Jessenia Nozzolillo the New England Psychic Medium

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