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Empath & Narcissist

Anyone else see the pattern of Empaths attracting narcissists?

As someone who reads gifts/energy/souls and past lives, let’s talk about empaths and the narcissist lesson. As it’s such a significant theme.

Relationships are a dance of give and take. If you are someone who reads people before they speak, feels before they have the ability to feel for themselves, hears them before they have the ability to hear for themselves, you may think it’s normal to respond for them and to act before they have the ability to act.

Empaths are highly sensitive beings. Especially those who have been abused in the past. They might even be terrified of upsetting someone else, so they try to do those things before they get a negative reaction. Trying to be a solution before there is a problem.

This means the other person becomes highly dependent on that emotional support and expression. So much so that they don’t need to worry about it at all. Their partner works through their emotional baggage. Their partner knows how they feel. Their partner responds before they know they need to respond. All they need to do is control their partner. This creates a major and, yes, sometimes abusive pattern within the relationship that is not clearly imbalanced.

No relationship is “healthy” or safe when abuse has taken place. And I’m not in any way recommending you blame yourself and try to fix this when abuse has entered the equation. Never. As an abuse survivor myself, I say get out, get help ASAP.

One partner will continue taking on too much while continuing being hyper dependent on the other for that emotional support.

Your gifts are not being properly used here. It’s a lesson in boundaries. The lesson is supposed to be, let them feel for themselves. Let them express how they feel. Let them work through their own emotions and the consequences of those emotions from the very beginning. The lesson is, not everyone processes energy like you. You are gifted. They deserve the respect of processing their own energy as needed, even if they aren’t very understanding of it. Stop the emotional dependence before it becomes toxic. Stop trying to be everyone’s emotional processing station before finding yourself in another toxic cycle with any relationship —> friends, coworkers, and family included. You can support their emotional comprehension. But you should never be an escape, trying to manage it for them. That is not your job. It’s never been your job!

Knowing this helps us make clear boundaries with others, and our gifts actually strengthen because they aren’t being bombarded with the demands of others. Then we realize the beauty of such sensitivity.

Empaths are supposed to be connecting to animals, feeling nature, working with the shifts of the universe, assisting the collective in growth. They are not supposed to be their partner's emotional processing stations. But because most of us aren’t using our gifts appropriately, we get caught up in these cycles that end up disempowering us and, yes, sometimes limit us in “victim” roles.

So ask yourself, where have you used your gifts appropriately? And how can you shift into a more purposeful expression of those gifts?

Copyright ©️ Protected Jessenia Nozzolillo 2021

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