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Emotional Mapping

Emotional mapping

Most of us have very little emotional comprehension. We feel an emotion and assume it’s bad if it doesn’t fit into a “positive” box or mindset. Yes, a positive mindset is powerful and necessary. But we DO NOT achieve that by ignoring, hiding, oppressing, avoiding, running from emotions. We get that way by working through our emotions, even if we can’t fully recognize their origins we need to understand they are ALWAYS VALID. Emotions can be overwhelming because most of us have been trained to view emotions as a weakness. When we are expressing emotions that we are disconnected to or confused of their origins, we end up categorizing ourselves as “crazy, over-emotional, unjustified in our feeling, hormonal, excessive” but the truth is your emotions have a root and an origin story, you are just having a hard time locating it on your own because you don’t have the eye or vision to spot its origins. One of the most profound symptoms of past life healing are when we recognize an emotion, the clients can say they have felt it, repressed it and were confused by it but knew it was valid somewhere deep within. That is what healing is like. It allows us to recognize our emotional map to healing and work through it in a way that we’ve never been able to do before.

Example: Anger. A lot of “healers” and “spiritual leaders” may try to tell you that your anger is “bad”. But, when used appropriately it can inspire and fuel us into change and healing.

Anger can be inspiration into action if used appropriately but it can also be a blinding force use to manipulate the masses. Never get so angry that you can’t control your decisions but if you are angry enough to say “I don’t like this, SO I SHOULD DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.” That’s never a bad thing as long as you realize something can actually be done action wise. If all you have are words and rants then you are spewing toxins from your mouth never taking action that can also be toxic. Right now it’s a great time for humanitarian work. A lot of healers are being awoken by this need. Where there is a need there is a solution. EVERY TIME the people are the solution. But again, remember, if it is out of your control make sure you are fully snd properly releasing it. Not clinging to it making you bitter and taunting your energy. It is suppose to be used in productive action not stagnant self destruction.

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