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Ego - Racism - Abusive Parenting. What do they all have in common?

My daughter asked me to help her study for her test and I was in tears. Yes tears. This world has been so cruel to so many people. One of the highlights really caught my attention. It went over Martin Luther King Jr’s guidelines to peaceful protest. He realized the community got the best results when...

The kids smiled.

They did not laugh.

They did not talk back/respond or converse with the whites.

Just smiled, stayed put and sat still. Obedience. All actions one would take to “be perfect” and “silent” not to trigger ego or rage. Then I realized that Martin Luther King’s greatest weapon was - he could pull out ego, without enticing it. Simply recognize and expose it.

You have no reason to be angry with a person sitting and smiling. A person who isn’t engaging with you. A person who is in fact a person. But, your ego may trip if they argue, talk back, laugh at you, or converse with you. Your ego might explode and become aggressive and violent. Then your ego could find a way to justify the abuse. “They spoke back/ teased/ enticed/ disrespected/ me.” That is a lot harder for the ego to do when someone looks happy and silent in public.

Then I thought of a Compassion Congregation video I did where I discussed parenting through ego. How most parents are taught that well behaved, silent kids are necessary and that makes us better parents. We believe and teach this because we still, as humans believe parenting is about control. Our ego needs to feel in charge. We need to feel like we are in control of the situation. But when we set aside ego it stops becoming about control and starts blooming into parenting through love. Love has no ego. Love simply says I love you enough to set my ego aside and meet you where you are. Are you sad/ hurt/ suffering? Do you need more or less of me? How can I be there for you without letting my ego take over and make this about control?

A beautiful lesson from an amazing man.

Copyright Protected 2020 Jessenia Nozzolillo the New England Psychic Medium

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