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Earth is Sick

Channeled from spirit for these difficult and trying times.

“We are one with Earth. Our physical body birthed from the elements of Earth. A sacred merger of the salt water god and Earth god. Creators coming together for the mystical creation of physical life. Elements and the shifting of those elements with the dense and powerful ocean. But so many of us have taken that for granted. We poison our mother and father time and time again. But the interesting thing is, what is bad for your creators is also bad for YOU. If we want to be at peace with ourselves and each other, we have to be at peace with our bodies, our consumption, our ENVIRONMENT. WHAT IS GOOD FOR OUR EARTH AND OCEANS IS GOOD FOR US, as we are their creations.

If you want to heal the world, start by healing yourself. When you heal love and appreciate your own skin, is when you begin to appreciate the material that created you.”


copyright protected 2020 Jessenia Nozzolillo the New England’s Psychic medium


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