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By Jessenia Nozzolillo

Humans are beings of experience. It means we learn and absorb being present. Living through things and making mistakes, correcting those mistakes. So if you know that killing is wrong, it’s likely because you have a life where you learned that lesson the hard way in a past life. It’s rare to see past lives, so this information has been pretty unavailable to us. But good people accidentally kill people all the time! Car accidents, negligence, exhaustion, etc., so now imagine your 300-700 lives. Do you really think they were all perfect?

The soul is not “good” nor “bad.” It is corrective functioning on the law of the universe, something we call karma. Meaning it works to repair itself through disciplinary and opposite action naturally—the order of polarity and opposition. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction, as Newton once stated. Sacred geometry means that those laws repeat in all layers of creation, whether it be cellular or cosmic.

One of the most fascinating parts of past life healing is working through the lives where you faced these oppositions, and then learning to heal and forgive yourself. Why is this so fascinating? Because we see pain in a completely different way. Instead of viewing pain as a victim, we see pain as a series of events that lead to traumatic action on your part and therefore create some type of guilt, blockage, obstruction, and malfunction that needs opposition or repair. We see the wounded, wounding. We see a cycle that needs ending. Not “good” vs. “bad” or “victim” vs. “oppressor.” When we have to forgive ourselves, we can forgive anyone. Pain is never the same. Our grudges, insignificant, our regrets nonexistent. We only see the need for opposition to create balance.

We begin to see there is no healing in judgment, regret, anger, etc. and the only way to bring our soul peace is through unconditional love. Then, we are more likely to give unconditional love to others.

That is really why/how we heal and the reason why healing will always start with you FIRST.

Art by abi Grey

Copyright Protected Jessenia Nozzolillo 2021

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