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Does Channeling Spirit Make You a Genius?

By Jessenia Nozzolillo

Does channeling spirit make you a genius? The short answer is nope. But, it opens us up to a very important conversation!

Today, making a mediumship connection with a deceased soul, I was given business advice. In her life here, she was a very powerful and wealthy woman that did the work to achieve great success and saw the results first hand! Therefore she could share some valuable tips with me. One of the things she had always wanted to do before she died was missionary work to help the less fortunate. My new partnership inspired her with Pamela Bardhi to do similar work, so she took a moment and gave us some advice on the subject. Just beautiful! Beautiful that she could share her expertise and information from beyond the grave, allowing me to better understand something here in the physical! Truly fascinating.

This reminded me of a time when I was reading a past life, and the client in the life suffered neurological and brain deterioration from black mold! It created symptoms similar to Dementia! I was so shocked that I did a quick Google search and saw that yes, there was some evidence linking the two. Imagine that? Spirit knows about the biological effects of these hazards even though they didn’t know in the life they were alive suffering from the ailment. Somehow, I was able to see the issue and the cause, with no training on the subject at all.

Fascinated yet? It gets better!

When I was reading a client, I noticed the client had three souls inhabiting its body. 3! This isn’t normal. We usually have one. I looked into it and realized the originating soul had suffered a very traumatic childhood with sexual abuse. That sexual abuse was so horrific the soul ripped from the body to “flee,” causing a memory blackout. A body with no soul can look like it’s asleep but also can still have survival reactions like thrashing and hitting, crying for defense (just in case you were wondering). As that soul fled, two local hauntings took over the vessel fighting for control of that vessel. Once a soul has torn from a body, it stays torn unless it’s healed by someone who has that ability. This means that the three souls keep fighting for control or dominance over the body and sometimes play games on each other, sabotaging each other’s memories and lives, hoping one will quit and leave or give up control. I could recognize and read the personalities. I could clear them, just like any other haunting. The client had been diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder / Multiple Personality Disorder by a licensed professional. Remember, all I use when I do a session is birth name, birth date, and birthplace. They said nothing about the diagnosis. I never heard them speak. I never saw their face. They confirmed in an email response after hearing the session recognizing the personalities that came forward. So in this sense, it also explains why each soul carries its database, skill set, personality, and likes/dislikes. Fascinating! I do speak more about this in my book ‘Creation.’

It’s not over yet! When I was speaking with Einstein, he explained to me that evolution is not actually linear like we believed it to be. He explained how yes, humans may have been “less developed” in the earlier years of history, but they were also less traumatized. Less lives/incarnations mean less trauma. Less trauma means a clearer channel to spirit. Clearer channels mean the ability to channel complex mathematical equations and scientific processes into solving whatever problems they were presented with if they took a moment to listen.

So does channeling spirit make you a genius? No! But, it’s proven to help me learn amazing things that have been very helpful for so many people. I absolutely appreciate having the talented databases of so many experts for connections and advice. A spiritual library!

Copyright Protected Jessenia Nozzolillo 2022

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