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What Happens Before We Incarnate?

Updated: Jan 18, 2020

Here I share what I see as an Akashic Guide in the life planning and incarnation process.

Life Planning in the Akashic Realm

The “common” process of how to we come to Earth. All souls who wish to incarnate on Earth AND have the ability to integrate and adapt to Earths energy, begin at the Akashic Realm. The Akashic Realm is a life planning and healing center. One soul usually fractions into about 1,000 pieces and plans lives and lessons for each fragment human and animal, remaining in home dimension to review and guide the fragments from a “distance”. These plans include spirit team, connections, friends, pets, jobs, relationships and deaths. A being will usually plan multiple “exit scenarios” or deaths. That plan is called a life plan and is NOT a contract. Most people don’t actually have contracts. The plan is exactly that, a plan or road map. We still have free will to shift through that plan or go off-roading.

During the life planning process one chooses their family, location, race, gender and lessons. The birthdate is usually used to help deliver or charge certain personality traits to complete and achieve specific healing and life plans. This is what most of us refer to as the art of astrology. But “star guides” as we call them in the Realm are far more versed with the information then we are. Master mixers of energy and star “scholars”. A soul is delivered to the mother, through the sacral chakra connected to the uterus around 8 weeks gestation when the Pineal gland is developed. Although the soul anchors to the body at this time, it spends most of its time planning preparing astral traveling and observing its family in preparation for coexisting. This is not tied to any religion or book, simply from my direct gift structure, soul level job and experiences I have personally seen with thousands of clients.

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