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Demonic Entities

Demonic entities!

What are they?

I read souls and gifts in others. I’ve recognized “hell maven” as a gift some people have to see and deal with demonic entities. It usually takes a soul communicator to spot and remove them because all souls are born in a soul group. Soul groups are birthed when the physical matter of a star of a planet begins collecting. There is also an unseen energetic code accumulating. This matter creates “cosmic DNA” of sorts. The DNA has life-building codes and information. Sometimes, these soul groups are birth void of light. It is what some consider demonic. They are very necessary to the balance of life. Light cannot thrive without shadow. This means destruction births creation, and creation makes space for destruction. The issue arises when there is no balance. There must be order in life. We cannot create without order, and destruction without order is chaos.

Grand council and the Akashic realm understand the necessity for order. Humans do not. Many humans let demonic entities leave through our barriers because they are using gifts without training, don’t understand their own gifts, are using tools of divination without training, or simply inviting them intentionally, believing they are the solution from an oppressive religion.

This is what creates leaks on Earth. We remove these soul groups by being able to speak their language and understanding their kryptonite. That skill allows us to know what weakens them enough to disable their grip on Earth.

Some soul groups specialize in possession. If that is the case, they would look for ways to be invited into the being they wish to possess. This usually starts with sleep deprivation. That reduces our natural defenses. They then fill our minds with self-sabotaging thoughts that destroy our personal relationships and connections, making us feel alone and angry at the world, which usually pulls the human form into depression or anger, both of which are easily manipulated by the demonic entity creating drama and negativity in the hosts life which help the demonic entity thrive. The outcome can usually look like depression or even suicide.

Some demonic entities actually collect souls. The souls are like a battery for them on Earth.

Sage and other resins will not remove demonic entities on their own. Those are made to clear negative energy, not entities. Negative energy would be the residual energy left in a room after a fight. Some sensitives feel these things more than others.

Exorcism is the act of removing the demonic entity from your body. We do this with high vibrational tools like prayer, holy water, ascended masters, arc angels, high vjbrational bells tones and chimes.

That makes the entity so uncomfortable that they loose grip on the body and can be expelled properly. This DOES NOT mean they have been banished from Earth. Just that they have been removed from the body they were possessing. Banishment is a whole other process that is done by someone who has the gift to understand their kryptonite and know what soul group they are from.

During the Akashic Reports process I scan my clients layers and soul records for any form of negative influence and intrusion, then clear it. For additional protection, check out my online shop for demon trap jars.

Copyright Protected Jessenia Nozzolillo 2021

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