Demon Trap

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What you will need to make your very own Demon Trap Jars

I would recommend getting at least five 6-8 oz mason jars. Five 6-8 oz jars creates one circuit. for larger houses or more aggressive cases, don’t be scared to make one circuit per floor.

For each jar you will need:

-A pinch of Black Salt

-A pinch of Charcoal



-Blue Kyanite

- A permanent marker for writing on the jars

- A sprinkle of Dragons blood liquid or resin

- A pinch of Rosemary

- A sprinkle of Cumin

- Broken glass (please make sure you are safe when working with broken glass! Create at your own risk!)

- Enough black wax to fully cover the top of the jars enough to pour over the seal.

-Frankincense (oil or resin)

- Myrrh (oil or resin)

- White Vinegar

-Red Wine, any kind works.

Prepare your ingredients. Before putting together, the jars please light some Palo Santo and sage. Let the incents clear the space and align the energy in the environment. With a permanent marker draw image one on the outside of the jar at the bottom. With the same marker draw image two on the UNDERSIDE of the jar lid. These are sigils. Sigils are powerful energy codes that take on the specific job intended when the sigil was created. After this, I like to put the glass in first as it can be dangerous to deal with. I then add any crystals to each jar. After this add herbs, resin and oils to the jar. I then fill the jar 75% wine and 25% vinegar. This means the jars are almost completely full. Cover the jars while melting the black wax. Cover the top of the jar with black wax so that it drips around the edges of the seal.

When the jar is created and sealed, hold the jar and state the following.

“I now activate this demon trap to work as intended by the original creator.” Then give the jar a small stir.

How does the jar work? It creates a vacuum like energy for demonic entities that can pull in entities and mark them. After they have been marked, they are sent home, where they originated from. It works on large entities, small entities, weak entities and strong ones. Its even strong enough to pull an entity out of a person. If the jar breaks, sweep up the contents into a dustpan and burry them outside somewhere safe from pets and children. The entities have already been removed from the jar so no one is in danger. One jar is powerful, but if you want limitless protection make five jars to create a full circuit and place them at different points of the house along the outer edges. If the space is large (5 bedrooms or more) add a jar to the center of the house calling the points in.

When would the jar not work? If the entity is not demonic and instead a haunting. Hauntings can feel very heavy and overwhelming. Many healers and readers confuse hauntings for demonic entities. Just because they want to believe its demonic does not make it demonic. Demons are from the other side of the barrier. The “negative” polarity of exsistance. They are void of light, like tar, they can have no eyes, yellow eyes, red eyes, eyes that look like a black hole. They all have different images and sizes depending on the entity and the home dimension it was born on. Hauntings are lost souls who refuse to cross over, or don’t realize they died. Not to be confused with orbs or energy imprints, more of this in the apparitions and entities blog. Hauntings usually don’t cross because they are afraid of punishment, persecution, judgment, fear, trauma, regret or confusion. A haunting who is stuck because they violently murdered 100 people and liked it, will be very dark compared to a old women who didn’t realize she died and wanders her living room looking for answers.

Another reason the trap might feel like it didn’t work is if there is an open portal in the space, portals are doors. If you are constantly being fed these entities, they may still overwhelm the space. I would recommend having an experienced medium come in to close the portals, or make more jars. one circuit per each floor in the house and even under active beds. You can set these up in your home or space without telling people what they are. From the outside they just look like jars with wax tops. These jars are even string enough to pull an entity out of someone. That is rare. The issue with this is that you can keep pulling the demons out of someone and sending them home, but they can keep inviting new ones to stay intentionally and UNINTENTIONALLY by not understanding energy, their gifts or what they are doing. So it may feel like it isn’t working, because someone in your space is inviting, summoning or making them continuously comfortable. Its like cleaning while someone trashes the house. Its hard to tell what’s been clean. Its easier to just tell the person to stop trashing your house. This is THE ONLY THING I have found that works in all my experience with demonic removal, besides my own gift structure. I can see entities and have fought off many myself with my gifts. Trying to train the gifts in others still puts people in danger. This is a clean danger free way to remove entities. RARELY there are cases with entities so powerful that they need someone like me who has experience to remove and clear them. But im told 5 jars in a home should be enough for even those! These jars are channeled by me and marked by my spirit. So my gifts fuel the jars. Understand that and be cautious when sharing the recipe. Please make sure to site the originator, so people know that they are essentially inviting me into their home to protect them.

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