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Definitions and Terms

Basic definitions: •Creators: creators function at many levels. To a child their physical creator would be their parents. At soul level a creator is our Soul Group Parent or Architect. In galactic scope, we have a creator who manages the energetic combustion’s and movement of material in space. In our universe we have a collective source that manages energy and creation. This goes on and on! Creation takes place on many scales in an infinite way. Who we consider our “God” or creator depends on our awareness of these levels. • Soul group is like our nationality here on Earth. You and your soul group have many similarities and connections. Sometimes even being able to communicate to each other telepathically. We can still travel between soul groups and spend time with others. •Time does not exists outside of Earth. We use the concept of time because our mind functions in linear form. Processing and digesting information in linear form resonates with the material mind. In the soul view, we are infinite beings therefor a year has so time significance when we are looking at trillions. •Dimension is the home your soul group resides in. It is an energetic world that connects you to your soul group. They are interconnected by... •Portals. A Creator will have cosmic dna codes from the destroyed planet fragments that traveled across the galaxy to meet and accumulate into a new planet. The physical matter has energetic codes. In those codes we have doorways. Those doors are portals. Planet is destroyed and separate from its dimension. •Realm is a soul-made place created to meet demand. Meaning a energetic world constructed by need. The Akashic Realm was constructed with the need and intention to protect soul records. A place many souls and soul groups congregate. •Plane is a level of vibration. As we ascend or descend we move through different energetic planes. Raising our vibration means ascending to a new plane. These terms are also defined in my book. Find my book here: @soul_architect_jessenia @_jessenia_n

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